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   Chapter 128 Mr. John Was Famous

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Henry suddenly whispered, "It's so strange. How does he know that bags can cure all kinds of diseases for women?"

"How did Mr. John learn it?" Even Helen, who had taken care of John for more than ten years, was also puzzled.

John really departed from his normal behavior. However, it was not strange. Since Nina was here, John had always been strange.

Henry and Helen exchanged a glance, indicating that they both understood why John was strange.

"Are bags so powerful?" Even Nina hadn't heard of it. She didn't have special feelings when she saw those bags. She had many bags which were similar or even better than bags of the FG Clothing Store in CM Island.

"Yes." That was what Dora said this morning.

Considering that John wanted to please her, Nina didn't mind his unreasonable behavior.

"Then leave all of them here." With a wave of her hand, Nina took all the new handbags for granted. She could use some of them or give some to others as gifts.

"Okay." John nodded in agreement.

"Yes, sir." Lisa calmly asked all the models to put away the bags.

And then they left.

It was six o'clock in the evening.

The majestic villa of the Ye family stood in the luxurious location of LC City, covering a large area.

It was decorated in European style. There were neatly trimmed shrubs, a fountain, a long staircase path and a white castle.

Today was the birthday of Miss Vivian. Her birthday party was held every year, but this year's was particularly grand. Even her eighteen-year-old adult ceremony was not as eye-catching as today.

Vivian sat in front of the mirror, with a hairdresser behind her. Vivian's curly chestnut hair was skillfully weaved by the dexterous hairdresser. And then the hair was made into an up-do with small flowers on it, which made her more dignified and elegant.

"How is Vivian?" A woman's voice came from outside the room.

The woman was Julie Liu, Vivian's mother. Her hair was short and curly. She was wearing a cheongsam. With a smile and charming eyes, she walked in an enchanting way.

Vivian's father liked such women.

All the celebrities in LC City knew that Howard Ye, the master of the Ye family, love

f. Don't forget that some people don't admit that you are the daughter of the Ye family at all." Especially Kristina.

Indeed, Vivian wasn't born in the Ye family. Since her birth, she had been living with her mother in a small villa bought by her father. When she was four years old, her father's first wife died and then she and her mother were taken back to the Ye family.

Not long after Vivian returned to the Ye family, she attended John's ten-year-old birthday party with her father. At that time, her father told her that John was the youngest son of Mr. Sam and the heir to the Time Group.

The Ye family was magnificent. When she went to the Shi family, she found that it was much more noble.

Especially when she saw the appearance of John, she decided to marry this man in the future. On his birthday, John was seized by the gangster, and at last, he cut the gangster's throat with a knife. Since then, the name of Mr. John spread all over the LC City and no one dared to provoke him.

Even though Vivian had seen his fierceness, she still decided to get close to him and handed him the tissue with her trembling hands in front of everyone.

Her courage really earned herself a different honor. From then on, she was the only woman who could get close to John.

Thinking of this, Vivian reminded her mother in a hurry, "Mom, have the swimming pool and fountain been covered? Brother John can't get close to any fountains or pools."

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