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   Chapter 127 Bags Can Cure All Diseases

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James looked up silently. He pressed his lips tightly together to keep himself from laughing. He sympathetically glanced at Dora who now stood frozen in her place.

"My head doesn't hurt anymore." The pitiful look on Dora's face disappeared and was replaced by a serious expression.

There was no way she could convince John with childish moves. She had to find another way.

"That's what I thought." John stood up and left without looking back.

Outside the house, he saw Henry standing next to his car. The wind was blowing slightly strongly that wisps of Henry's hair danced in the air.

Even though John was still a little far away from Henry, he could read the exhaustion all over his face. The heavy bags under his eyes told a long story of nights spent with little rest.

John did not ask Henry to stay up late with the IT department last night. What did he do that was so tiring last night?

"Good morning, Mr. Shi." Henry bowed respectfully and opened the car door for John.

"Good morning." John had not seen Henry for a while. The capability of his new assistant was way inferior compared to Henry's.

Henry was stunned by what John did next.

Instead of getting in the back seat, John stopped beside Henry and said, "Fatigue driving kills. I'm still young. I can drive myself home."

Then, John went straight to the driver's seat and signaled Henry to sit in the passenger seat.

Henry felt a little terrified, but because of John's order, he got into the passenger seat, fastened his seat belt, and sincerely said, "Thank you for your consideration, Mr. Shi."

In the past, Henry would have complained about John insisting on taking the wheel. This was the first time that he got to enjoy being driven around by his boss.

But after what happened last night, he was too tired. John started the engine and eased out of Stone Road. The passenger side window was down, allowing Henry to feel the gentle breeze from outside. The cool air against his skin was like a lullaby that eventually coaxed him to sleep.

Without disturbing him, John deliberately slowed down his driving. On the way, he received a call from Adrian. "Mr. Shi, is Henry with you?"

"Yes." John turned his head to take a look at Henry who was sleeping soundly.

A deep and helpless sigh sounded from the other line. After what felt like a long time, Adrian finally said, "That's good."

Half a minute of silence followed after th

and Henry exchange nervous glances.

Henry whispered, "Helen, what's going on with those two?"

'Is Mrs. Shi angry with Mr. Shi?' Henry thought. But it was impossible for Helen to tell what really was going on, so she just said, "I don't know."

After a very uncomfortable and seemingly endless silence, John, Nina, and Henry finally ate their lunch quietly. After lunch, Lisa from FG headquarters came with a group of employees.

The employees were tall and well-trained ramp models. Each of them held the latest ladies bags of FG.

"Mr. Shi, all our latest ladies' bags have arrived. Which of them would you like?" Lisa's forehead was still sweating. She had just sent all the bags to the branch stores when John called her up and told her to recall them. John wanted Nina to see the new bags first and choose the ones she liked before the rest hit the shop shelves. Lisa had been running around all morning trying to get all the bags and get them in time for lunch at North Yard like John ordered.

With John's nod of approval, Lisa turned to Nina and said, "Mrs. Shi, we got these models for you so that you can see the effect of the bags. Please choose whatever you like."

"You did this?" Nina turned to look at John. What was he trying to accomplish with this?

Standing next to Nina, John said in a casual tone, "You have a headache, don't you?"

"Yeah. So?" Nina grew even more confused.

"Bags can cure all diseases for women." John raised his chin and glanced at the models in front of them. He had a calm expression on his face.

Nina was speechless.

From whom did he hear that expression?

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