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   Chapter 126 Only Medicine Cures Diseases

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In the hall, five servants stood in a row, bowing their heads. Each of them was holding a delicate jewelry box. There were a variety of jewelry and Dora could choose what she liked.

It would be Vivian's birthday party tonight. All members of the Shi family were invited, who had received the golden invitation cards. Jason, Jessica, John, James, Chester and Dora would attend the party.

James looked indifferent. Chester looked calm. Dora was joyful. She really wanted to go to bustling places.

"Uncle John, please have a seat. I'll go upstairs and wear the dress for tonight. And then you help me choose the jewelry." This was why Dora had brought John here.

Then she went upstairs without asking for John's opinion. At this moment, John frowned slightly. Apparently, he was unwilling.

Noticing the change of John's expression, James quickly calmed him down and handed the peeled apple to him with a flattering face. "Uncle John, the apple is for you. It's very delicious."

John glanced at James indifferently without any action.

"Uncle John, I peeled this apple myself. Look at my right hand. I have peeled an apple for you with an injured hand." James moved his arm, gasped in pain and grinned quickly.

Usually he was arrogant, but in front of John, he just laughed foolishly.

James' sincere and bright smile dazed John, who took the apple and took a bite.

Seeing that John began to chew and swallow, James smiled with satisfaction. He leaned back to the sofa and lay lazily and unrestrained.

He began to complain, "What do you think Dora is thinking about? Why does she ask three men to give her advice? Only women know how to dress and we three know nothing about it."

John paused and nodded slightly. It was rare for James to have the same thought as him.

Chester, who was reading with his head down, looked up and said, "Uncle John is the person who she admires most. She has said that she will find someone like Uncle John to be her husband in the future. She wants to know Uncle John's taste so as to change herself from now on."

"She'd better give up as soon as possible. Uncle Joh

hi family, she couldn't take things at will and needed to pay. This was the rule of the Shi family.

"It turns out that this is what you really want." James sighed.

"It's not for sale," said John unhurriedly.

The implication was that she couldn't take it away and that she should give up.

She squatted down and acted like a spoiled child, "Uncle John, as long as you tell them you want the bag, they will give it to you. It's such an easy thing."

"No." He would not break the rules.

"Uncle John..." Dora said in a coquettish voice, but John didn't change his mind. Suddenly, she put one hand on her forehead and said sadly, "Ah, my head aches all of a sudden. Uncle John, my head aches."

"Call the doctor." Without even raising his eyelids, John knew that she was pretending to be sick.

She pretended to have a headache, which was what Nina did yesterday.

Dora pouted, "Uncle John, doctors can't cure my headache. Only that bag can cure it. It is said that bags can cure all kinds of diseases for women."

Anyway, she liked that bag. She would try her best to make her Uncle John get it for her.

The other members of the Shi family spoiled Dora and would meet her requests, but John was different. He just said coldly, "I've only heard that medicine can cure diseases."

James burst into laughter.

No one could take advantage of his Uncle John's reputation.

Except... Aunt Nina.

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