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   Chapter 125 The Photo On The Marriage Certificate

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John's slender fingers were holding the edge of the marriage certificate tightly.

In the past thirty years, there was only one ugly photo of him and it was on his marriage certificate.

What irritated him most was that he looked ugly in the photo while Nina looked beautiful.

He was so angry that his whole body ached.

"Sir, which photo did you take? There is something wrong with Mr. John." Mr. Jake whispered to Sam.

"I have only one photo of him." Sam answered loudly, turned around and took the photo out of a book.

The photo was exactly the same as the one on the marriage certificate but larger in size.

When Mr. Jake saw it, he knew why John was so angry and speechless.

"Sir, you have another photo of Mr. John!" 'Why did you choose the ugliest one?'

Everyone knew that John loved his face very much. Wasn't Sam playing tricks on his own son?

"Really?" Sam didn't remember that he had another photo of John.

"Yes, it has been placed in the pocket of your clothes for more than 10 years. Last time you showed it to madam, but she didn't take it. Then you put it back in your clothes." Mr. Jake almost burst into tears. He lowered his voice and glanced at John from time to time, fearing that he would get angry at once.

It suddenly dawned on Sam that he really had such a photo. He took out a faded one inch photo. In the photo, John was wearing school uniform and looked energetic.

It was taken when John was still a high school student.

John glanced at Sam's hands. Sam was holding John's ugly photo in his left hand and the good-looking photo in his right hand.

And Sam had chosen the photo on his left hand!

John was so angry that he couldn't say anything. He was emotionless and had a cold face. Normally, he would took revenge.

However, when he saw Sam's crumpled hands trembling slightly, a hint of worry flashed through his eyes.

The photo on

show her the marriage certificate.

Whenever a man dared to approach Nina, he would smash the marriage certificate in the face of him.

No man could get close to his wife.

Sam was speechless. He was stunned.

He had seen a man who brought the marriage certificate with him all the time, as if he was the only one in the world who had a wife.

Didn't this mean that John was determined to get Nina?

That was good news!

With a bright smile on his face, Sam asked John, "How are you getting along with Nina?"

John gave Sam a disdainful look. It was impossible for him to answer such a question.

With two marriage certificates in his hands, he turned around and left.

As soon as he left, he called Brian. "Brian, give my father a check-up."

He was worried about his father's health.

Sam had kept John's photo with him for more than 10 years so Sam should remember it. However, he didn't remember the photo until Mr. Jake reminded him, which meant that Sam might have memory loss.

Moreover, with careful observation, John found that Sam's hands were trembling when he was holding the photos. These showed that Sam must have a physical examination.

When John was about to go back to the North Yard, Dora came and dragged him to her home.

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