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   Chapter 123 She Was After Your Money.

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Uncle John would definitely like Chester who looked like John the most, so Uncle John wouldn't like him.

Since he was fifteen or six years old, his guardian had been Uncle John. Except for his parents, he had the deepest feeling with Uncle John.

"Brother, I won't take Uncle John away from you." Chester was a sensible man and his words were reassuring.

But it was not a matter of whether he would take he or not, but what Uncle John thought.

James looked depressed.

"Brother, are you jealous?" Dora spoke the truth.

"Of course not." Turning his head away, James refused to admit it.

His mother, Angela Xu, couldn't help laughing and said, "Our son is jealous."

His father, Daniel, mocked, "He only remembers his Uncle John. He doesn't remember us at all."

"It was you who left me to Uncle John." James glared at his parents. They dared to laugh at him.

"That's because you didn't listen to me. You are just afraid your Uncle John."

"Hahaha..." The crowd burst into laughter.

Even John couldn't help smiling. It was not in vain to raise this boy.

"Sit down." John ordered coldly.

Though feeling wronged, he was happy in his heart.

James didn't know if he was masochistic, but his uncle's cold order seemed so kind.

Uncle John was still his Uncle John.

After breakfast, everyone went back home.

When John was about to stand up to look for sir, he was stopped by Jessica. "John, wait. I have something to tell you. Come with me."

It rained yesterday and didn't stop until this morning. The sky was overcast, and the wind occasionally flew. The sun hidden behind the clouds was trying to break through the clouds.

Three figures came out of the house and went to the house of Jessica and Jason. The servants served tea respectfully.

"You haven't been back for a long time. We still keep your favorite tea at home, the Da Hongpao from Wuyi Mountains. Your sister got it from a tea farmer. She doesn't give it to me. Only when you come can I enjoy it." Jason handed a cup of tea to John in person, smiling with a little jealousy.

In his wife's heart, he would never be better than her brother. All the good things would be lef

to look at the calm expression on John's face. Apparently, he knew about it.

He still had an affair with Nina even if he knew about it?

Jason frowned deeply. He must like Nina very much, but it would cause a lot of gossip.

Jessica snorted, "She is not only married, but also sold her body. Although we can't find any photos and information, this matter caused uproar in LD University."

"I didn't give her money. So she was not sold her body." "It's a trick," John frowned and explained.

It was a scheme against Nina, but fortunately, the one Nina met was him. If she met another man......

John wouldn't think about this possibility.

"You...... Is that you? " Jessica was surprised and she didn't except that the person was John.

She believed what her brother said. She was not a fool. Thinking of the evidence of transfer screenshot, she immediately understood what was going on. It was obviously a trap.

With an embarrassed look on her face, Jessica avoided his brother's eyes and didn't dare to look at him. It was true that Jessica insulted Nina before Jessica investigated it clearly.

No wonder Nina had said that to her last time.

Even if it was her misunderstanding, she would not lower her head.

"Let's put it aside for the time being. I have other evidence to prove that Nina is with you for your money." Jessica took out her phone, opened the recording file and played their conversation in the coffee shop.

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