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   Chapter 119 Wasn't It Good To Live

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"Madam, you have a good foundation. You just need some makeup primers." Derek was really amazed. Nina's skin was smooth, delicate and elastic. A lot of people must be jealous of her. Even he was jealous of her.

Nina was a little excited. "It's up to you. As long as it's beautiful."

"Okay." Derek began to put on makeup for Nina. Since she had a good foundation, the process was not so complicated. After putting on makeup, he began to draw the eyebrows. The dark brown eyebrow pencil left a beautiful arc on Nina's eyebrows, making her eyes more flexible.

The other steps came one after another. Her little face was much more exquisite, and she was already beautiful without a red lips. If he put on lipstick on her lips, she would be more than a beauty.

"Madam, it's perfect as long as you wear lipstick."

"Yes, I think so." Nina exclaimed. If she had known that makeup would make her more beautiful, she shouldn't have driven away the international makeup artist her mother had hired.

She was still too young and naive before.

"No way!" John said angrily. His serious expression was as cold as ice. "What does it look like when you put on makeup and lipstick? Remove it for me."

John had been paying close attention to Nina. When Derek finished drawing Nina's eyebrows, his face changed.

He couldn't let others see the beauty of his little girl.

When Nina heard that she was not allowed to wear lipstick and had to remove her makeup, her face darkened and she roared angrily, "John, shut up!"

How dare someone stop her from changing her beauty? Wasn't it good to live?

Why did he come out to court death?

Derek was speechless.

How dare Madam yell at Mr. John?!

Oh my God

Derek's hand shook and broke the half lipstick which he had just turned out.

He wanted to cry...

H. Couture Beauty's lipstick was worth 8 million 550 thousand!

What a waste!

Derek's heart was filled with tears, but as the two persons were confronting each other coldly.

"John, why do you stop me from putting on makeup?" Nina moved her body and rotated the chair. She clapped her hands on the armrests on both sides of the chair and stood up suddenly.

Her amber eyes stared straight at John.


round and reluctantly removed all the makeup on her face in front of the mirror.

So what? Her face was still beautiful, but less delicate and less charming.

When he saw her angrily removing her makeup, John raised his eyebrows with a smile, and the corners of his lips curved slightly. In an instant, he pursed his thin lips again.

He was proud of himself.

He confirmed his guess that the little girl could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force.

In this way, it would be easier to control little girl.

"I'm done." Looking at her face that had returned to normal, Nina became angry. How could she really be obedient to him?

At that time, as long as John roared at her, she would beat him.

But why did he suddenly change?

Feeling depressed, Nina could do nothing when there was a gentle expression on John's face. "I have a headache. I'll go."

She had a headache because of John's uncertain character.

She turned around and walked outside. But she stopped halfway and looked back at John, as if she was calling her lost husband back.

"John, I'm leaving!"

She pouted and looked a little aggrieved.

She didn't forget that she was a bodyguard now and the person she wanted to protect was still there. How could she go back?

John raised his eyebrows and calmly followed up.

Derek was finally able to catch his breath. Looking at the scene of harmony between husband and wife, he signed softly.

"When did Mr. John become so obedient?"

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