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   Chapter 117 Liar

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On the ninth floor of the HD Square.

John took Nina to a shop named Top Art. The signboard hanging at the door was a collection of sense of design and art, which attracted people's attention.

It was a shop providing hairdressing, makeup service and modeling service. There were a lot of customers, who were all wearing clothes of famous brands and who were either rich or noble.

It was spacious, bright, magnificent and stylish.

As soon as John and Nina stepped into the shop, someone came up to greet them respectfully. They did not walk straight inside, but turned right and went into a passage.

There was glass on both sides. On the right, she saw people coming and going outside, and on the left, she saw staff working busily in the shop.

After opening the door curtain, they entered a new world, which was more spacious. It was not so magnificent, but low-key and luxurious. It was very similar to the decoration style of the North Yard.

In this big place, there were no other customers, only clothes. Most were men's clothes and a few of them were women's clothes. They were all from FG Clothing Store.

Four dressers were placed side by side. The table was full of skin care products and cosmetics. Items on one of the tables were still packaged and hadn't been used before.

Glancing around, Nina had already known that this was a place specially prepared for the Shi family and no outsider would enter.

The clean and tidy table, on which there were unused items, was very likely to be John's.

"Mr. John, it's rare to see you here." A slightly shrill voice appeared. A man with black and white dyed hair came in. Judging from his clothes, Nina knew he was a hair stylist. There was a professional smile on his face.

His name was Derek Sang. He was the chief hairdresser and stylist of the Top Art Salon. With a pair of eyes which were good at finding beautiful things, he was deeply loved by the artists in the entertainment circle. He was popular.

Derek Sang was already very surprised to see John here. When he saw Nina, he was so surprised that he couldn't even lift his feet.

"This lady is..." Derek Sang looked at her up and down, shock

s birthday party?" Nina frowned.

With a snort of laughter from the tip of his nose, he stubbed out the remaining half cigarette in his hand and teased with a faint smile, "Are you jealous?"

Why didn't he find that it was easy for her to get jealous before?

"No." Nina answered quickly and deliberately hid her true feelings.

"A little liar!" A gentle smile appeared on John's face. His voice was neither loud nor low, just falling into her ears. All of a sudden, she blushed and glared at him.

She was angry from embarrassment after her inner feelings were known, with a little bit delicacy and untamed wildness.

These were two totally different expressions, but it wasn't strange when both of them appeared on Nina.

"Am I going as a bodyguard or a partner?" Nina was conflicted and expectant, hoping John would choose the latter answer.


'As my wife.'

Vivian's birthday party was unusual. The high officials and distinguished families in LC City and the media would attend the party.

John had already had plans in his mind. On the birthday of Vivian, he would reveal that Nina was his wife. At that time, all the celebrities in LC City would be present and the media would soon spread the news throughout LC City.

Everyone would knew that Nina was John's legal wife.

At that time, she could not divorce or escape.

She could only stay with him obediently and call him honey whether she was willing or not.

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