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   Chapter 116 twenty years old, quite young

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Sam rubbed his nose and scolded, "Who is blaming me behind my back?"

"Achoo..." Then John sneezed.

Hearing this, Nina immediately slowed down the car and stopped at the roadside. She glanced at the cold rain outside and asked with concern, "Did you catch a cold?"

The little girl cared about him. He didn't want to disappoint the little girl.

John found a reasonable reason and coughed deliberately. "It's a little cold."

He wanted to see what she would do.

Would she take him to the hospital to take good care of him, or would she warm his body herself...

"Wait a minute." As soon as Nina finished speaking, she began to take off her coat and threw it to him under the burning gaze of John. "Put it on."

Her tone was casual and domineering.

She looked like a big sister.

"……" Did he find a wife or a bodyguard who only wanted to be his brother.

She had already given the order.

Looking at the plaid suit jacket in front of him, John thought it was the thing that he should do.

He looked at her and felt angry and funny.

This little girl was really...

After taking off her coat, Nina only had a black camisole, a sky blue wide leg jeans. Her black hair made her milk like skin looked more white with faintly pink.

One of her slender and white hand was placed on the steering wheel, and one was leaning against the seat chair. Her side body was well proportioned, and her figure was not like the female stars on the screen. Nina was bony, and had a little flesh.

She looked like a cool girl with a little bit of sexy. Because of her elegance and nobility, she looked like the one who suppress sensual passion.

In addition, her blank background made her even more mysterious. Her entire body seemed to be covered with a layer of gauze. John looked at her, but couldn't see her clearly.

No matter how sharp John's perception was, it seemed that he couldn't see the secret of Nina. Just like Nina, which was good at reading people's mind, was also unable to see through John's eyes and behavior.

The two of them had always been on pa

ge for him.

He was thirty years old.

He would be thirty-one years old soon.

Considering the age difference between him and little girl was ten years, it was a little embarrassing. It was double-digit.

In a trance, he remembered that James had said John had robbed the cradle. His face suddenly turned cold.

He habitually took out a pack of cigarettes and a new lighter. The lighter he had before was used by Nina to set the fire.

Thinking of this, John couldn't help smiling, shook his head and put the cigarette in his mouth. With a click of the purplish red flame, John lit the lighter.

"Wait a minute. I'll roll down the window." Nina was very sensitive to the smell of smoke, and it would get choked every time she smelled it.

The car window slowly rolled down. John turned his head to look at Nina, he suddenly remembered that she would choke on smoke. The burning flames were extinguished from his hand, and the cigarette in his mouth was clamped back by his bony fingers.

"I don't smoke." John turned his head to look out of the window and said gently.

It seemed that he had to quit smoking as soon as possible.

But during the period of quitting smoking, if there was nothing on his mouth, his mouth would itch.

He glanced at her and his eyes fell on Nina's pink lips.

HMM He found something that could replace a cigarette to block his mouth.

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