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   Chapter 99 Play A Trick On John

Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me By Li Zi Characters: 7957

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John had never seen the news in the company's WeChat group, so he didn't know that his image had gone.

After the meeting, Helen walked out of the study with a cage in her hand. Inside the cage was a little rabbit with red eyes. The rabbit was eating carrots.

"Mr. John, here is the rabbit you want."

John stared at the rabbit, flashing a murderous look. "From now on, no rabbit is allowed to appear in the North Yard. I've lost it."

"Lost it? Didn't you buy it for madam? " This afternoon, Mr. John said that madam would move into the North Yard and asked her to buy a rabbit and send it to madam for fun.

At dinner, when she saw the conflict between the two people, she hurriedly called someone to bring a rabbit to make Mr. John coax madam happy.

Why did he lose it all of a sudden?

"Mr. John, don't be angry with madam. You said that she liked rabbits, but now you don't allow rabbits to appear in the North Yard. Isn't it going to hurt madam's heart?" Helen was worried.

She had never been so anxious to find a wife for her son.

"She doesn't like rabbits." He didn't know about it until this afternoon. He was a little angry with himself. He had misunderstood.

However, when he thought that the rabbit Nina liked was Michelle, he was more angry. He deliberately ordered, "She likes Tibetan mastiff. Let Richard find a snow-white Tibetan mastiff."

"Yes." Helen turned around and left.

John looked up at the porch on the second floor. The little girl should be busy setting up a trap in the master bedroom and waiting for him to fall into the trap.

When Nina happily agreed to live in the master bedroom, John knew that she was planning something in her heart.

Let's wait and see what she can do.

About half an hour later, John stood up and went upstairs to the master bedroom. The door was half open, and the bright light came from inside. A rustling sound could be heard faintly.

John reached out his hand and pushed the door open. He didn't raise his foot to enter the room. He saw Nina sitting in front of the dressing table. She supported her head with one hand and looked at him sideways. The smile on her face was obviously ill intentioned.

"Why are you standing at the door? Come in. " Nina blinked her eyes and looked at John with her charming eyes. Then she stretched out her hand to tuck her hair behind her ear lazily.

e a deep breath.

"HMM..." Before he took a deep breath, Nina took out a lemon from the quilt and stuffed it into his mouth.

It was a lemon with mustard.

John's face twisted after eating the sour lemon. The pungent smell of mustard made him frown and cough.

"Cough, cough, cough..."

Nina hurriedly broke free from the shackles of John. She moved to the side, stood aside and watched him. "Ah, what's wrong? What's wrong with you? Are you okay? "

She pretended to be worried, but her body was unmoved.

"You..." When John realized what had happened, he cast a fierce glance at her. His throat was so hot that he couldn't say a complete sentence. The sour taste in his mouth almost made him drool.

Seeing him angry, Nina was very proud. She rushed to get a glass of milk and handed it to him considerately.

"Come on, have a glass of milk. You'll be ok."

John stared at the milk in front of him, wondering if there was anything else in it. With a malicious look on his face, he said, "You drink it."

Nina knew what he meant. He wanted her to have a drink first.

"Okay, I'll drink it." Nina immediately drank a large mouthful of milk and handed it to him again kindly.

It was not until then that John took it over and drank it. The milk was still warm, just enough to relieve the spicy taste in his throat.

Plop! Plop

After swallowing the milk, Nina nodded with satisfaction. She reached out to take back the cup in his hand, bowed her head and spit out the milk in her mouth.

She didn't swallow it at all.

John was shocked.

He was fooled.

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