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   Chapter 98 Lived In The North Yard

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Nina felt inexplicable. Did it matter to her?

As a result, the two of them didn't talk all the way until the car stopped at the gate of the North Yard. It was not until then that John opened his mouth and said, "Here we are."

Arrived at home.

The North Yard was a home prepared for John by himself. Now the hostess appeared.

He had to thank his father for doing something good.

"I know." Nina was even more confused. She was not blind. She could clearly see the two words "North Yard" carved on the stone.

After getting out of the car, someone came to pick up her luggage in person, and Nina followed John into the North Yard. As soon as she entered the gate of the North Yard, she felt something was wrong.

It was not her first time to come to the North Yard, so she was very clear that the person living in the North Yard was either Helen or John.

However, now there were several new faces.

Two tall and straight guards stood at the door. When they saw the two of them, they greeted respectfully, "Mr. John, madam."

The voice was loud and the breath was steady. Their eyes were firm and postures were relaxed. It seemed that they were two cultivators.

When they passed through the garden, two maids were taking care of the flower nursery and green plants. They walked steadily, and were not very familiar with watering and cutting the green plants. One of them moved smoothly, and the other scissors could easily cut a thicker branch, simple and efficient.

The two maids were also skilled.

"Mr. John, madam," The two maids nodded.

As she stepped into the hall, Nina saw that it was Richard who had knocked down Ellison with a punch. She said gratefully, "It's you. Thank you last time. "

"You're welcome, madam. I'm just following Mr. John's order." Richard told the truth. He turned around and said to John, "Mr. John, everything is ready."

"Take madam's luggage upstairs."


Richard replied and then retreated.

Hearing the voice of "madam" from John, Nina was stunned. It might be a mistake for others to call her "madam", and she didn't want to explain more, because last time she explained to Helen, Helen nodded and still called her "madam".

Other people were easy to misunderstand. How could John also call her madam?

Seeing that Nina was a

tle star shining in the sky, witty and tight.

How could John not know that she was pretending to be confused? He couldn't help laughing. The little girl was really good at acting.

"You know it's not inappropriate, so I can only sleep in the master bedroom." John raised his right leg and crossed it on the left. His teasing voice was a little evil and attractive.

The smile on Nina's face froze and she twitched her mouth awkwardly. Since he didn't play according to the routine, then she wouldn't play according to the routine.

"Okay. I'll wait for you in the room. " I will give you a big gift when you come.

As soon as she finished speaking, she slammed the door. Apparently, she was a little angry.

John raised his eyebrows. It didn't matter much that his wife slammed the door.

When he turned around and came back, the people on the screen were already stunned, as if their internet access was cut off.

After the video conference, someone in the WeChat group asked Henry and assistant who the woman in Mr. John's house was.

Henry replied, "President's wife."

The assistant added, "She has got the marriage license."

In less than a minute, all the senior leaders of the Time Group knew that Mr. John was married and guessed that his wife's surname was Lu.

Because everyone in the company knew that Mr. John had a hobby of collecting lute.

Did Mr. John like to collect lute?

It was obvious that he wanted to take Mrs. Lu home.

This news had overturned their previous cognition about Mr. John.

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