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   Chapter 97 He Had Something On Her

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"I wanted to know it so I knew it." He said in a cold and arrogant way, as if he was telling the truth.

Now he finally knew why he couldn't find any information about Nina. It must be Sam who had done something secretly.

He had been afraid of her secret husband. After all, a person who could hide his identity well was not an ordinary person.

It turned out that he was Nina's husband.

After thinking about it for a while, he still felt bad, especially when he saw the expression on Nina's face. It was as if she feared her secret husband, who was in fact John.

"Have you found out who he is?" This sudden surprise replaced the astonishment and panic on her face.

She had investigated for a long time. She tried to attack the Internet and tried to wait on the SQ Road, but she still couldn't find out her husband's name.

How could John find out his name?

This was the best news for her recently.

"Who is he? Who is my husband?" With excitement, she grabbed his wrist and said expectantly, "Tell me now so that I can get a divorce."

Seeing that she was so expectant, he couldn't help smiling. He was about to tell her when he heard that she was about to divorce. There was a cold aura coming over.

Sure enough, Nina was thinking about divorce.

What did she regard John as? Did she think that she could marry and divorce at her will?

"I'll tell you as long as you are obedient." As he approached her face, he habitually reached out his hand and curled up a wisp of her hair. A sly smile appeared in his eyes, half threatening and half evil.

"If you disobey me, I'll tell him about what happened in the Four Seasons Garden Hotel. Twenty million dollars is a large amount of money."

"Are you threatening me?" Nina raised her head, gritted her teeth and looked at him coldly.

He used to threaten her w


It turned out that he just wanted to refuse an admirer for her.

It was not a bad thing. She should really thank him.

But why did she feel a little depressed?

Since she couldn't figure it out, she gave up thinking.

"Since there's nothing else, I'll leave."

"You must move to the North Yard today." He stopped her.

Nina squinted at him and wanted to refuse, but she heard a cold threat from John. "Twenty million."

"Yes, I'll move right now." She withdrew her words obediently and forced a fake smile, gritting her teeth tightly.

She had just said that she wouldn't give in to twenty million but now things changed.

After school, under the strict supervision of John, Nina packed her luggage. There were two whole boxes.

Then he glanced at the rabbit ornaments all over the apartment. Seeing that Nina didn't mean to take them away, he asked, "Won't you take them away?"

"I don't like rabbits." She liked the elk, which had guided her home.

"Why are there so many rabbits?" John frowned.

"I just like Mickey, the big rabbit. These are all hers." After packing up the last thing, Nina stood up and said, "We can leave now."

Suddenly, John said abruptly, "I hate rabbits."

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