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   Chapter 96 Vivian Was Not His Fiancee

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"Yes, I don't like you. Vivian likes you. She is your fiancee." Every time Nina mentioned Vivian, there was a hint of jealousy in her tone.

Nina couldn't tell herself, but John knew from her words.

Sure enough, the little girl was jealous.

He was in good mood today, so he explained to Nina, "Vivian is not my fiancee. Stop thinking nonsense."

"Huh?" Without opening her mouth, Nina couldn't wait to make a sound in confusion.

What did John just say?

Wasn't Vivian his fiancee?

"How could it be possible? I heard it with my own ears." Obviously, Nina didn't believe it. Maybe John wanted to use her to cancel the political marriage.

He didn't get goods on her now. Why did she get involved in this mess?

John must be lying to her.

"Who told you that?" The cautious look in Nina's eyes made John feel a little awkward. Her amber eyes rolled, and she was thinking something, which seemed a little funny to John.

When did he lose his prestige?

The little girl didn't believe him.

John explained word by word, "Vivian is not my fiancee. She was not in the past. She is not now and will be not in the future."

He had said it so clearly, and the little girl should believe it, shouldn't he?

As the president of the Time Group, he was called Mr. John by everyone. Every word he said was the most important and no one dared to doubt him.

However, she either lied to him or doubted the authenticity of his words every day.

She really needed to be taught a lesson.

"Come here." Quentin said seriously.

Nina blinked her eyes, her eyebrows curved, and her eyes were fixed on John. She was surprised and hesitant.

His low voice lingered in her ears. It was a little cold, like the sound of water flowing through the green stones in the mountain stream and slowly flowing into her heart.

She was not in the past. She is not now, and will be not in the future

However, these three short sentences were vigorous and powerful, full of deep love of promise, reminding Nina word by word.

The two of them were in a very quiet office. It was so quiet that as long as Nina looked at John, she seemed to be able to hear the orderly heartbeat, which gradually became irregular. Sometimes it would speed up, and sometimes it would miss a beat.


"Take me to the North Yard?" She didn't want to live with John.

"No, no. I lived alone for two years before I knew Mickey. I'm fine and you don't need to worry about me. I have something to deal with. I have to go now. " Nina really didn't want to live in North Yard. She had been to the North Yard for a few times, but she had been bitten by John every time.

She cherished her life and was afraid of having rabies.

When Nina turned around and was about to leave, John reached out and grabbed her wrist. The scorching temperature penetrated into her skin through her thin clothes. Nina stopped and her wrist was itchy.

"John. Let go of me." Nina turned around and looked at the deep eyes of John, as if he was about to suck her in.

"Why did you refuse?" John asked.

She lived in the North Yard and was taken care of by others, so she didn't have to endure hardship in her small apartment.

"I just refuse." Nina raised her chin. 'What can you do to me?'

John sneered. Did she really think that he couldn't do anything to her?

"Twenty million."

"I'm a decent person. I won't give in to twenty million." Nina thought that John was going to buy her off with twenty million. She was so angry.

"If you have an affair during the hidden marriage, you will compensate twenty million." John believed that she wouldn't be intimidated if he mentioned the divorce agreement.

"You, you, you... How did you know about it? " Nina was frightened to hear that.

Did he know who her husband was?

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