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   Chapter 95 I Don't Like You At All

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At the mention of the office, Nina thought of what happened in the office last time when John pressed her behind the office door and bullied her. Luckily, she was smart and gave him a bite to stop him.

Now she was afraid of offices.

She didn't know what tricks he was going to play this time.

Nina knocked at the door.

"Come in." A deep voice came from the office. When Nina pushed the door open, she smelled a faint smell of tobacco. At this time, John was throwing the cigarette butt in his hand.

He put his hand into the trousers pocket and stood beside the window. The window was open. No wonder the smell of smoke was not so strong.

Nina stood at the door and opened it to avoid being attacked by him again.

"Sir, I'm here." Nina was really unwilling to admit that he was the teacher of the elective. He didn't look like a teacher at all.

But Jason said in the WeChat group that he would come back for class next week, which meant today was the last class of John.

Considering that he would be a teacher for the last time, Nina's attitude was a little better.

However, she still felt unhappy that he carried her this noon.

"Sir, did you ask me to come to your office for what happened this noon?" Seeing that he didn't say anything, Nina took the initiative to ask.

"Yes." He answered frankly, raised his eyebrows and stared at Nina's freezing smile.

It seemed that Nina was unwilling to be his woman.

But it didn't matter. After all, she had been his wife and become his woman.

Hearing his affirmative answer, the smile on Nina's face froze.

"John, you saved my life and wanted me to become your woman. I can accept it reluctantly, but I won't be a mistress. Do you dare to give me an aboveboard identity?" Nina said that on purpose. In fact, she wouldn't accept it reluctantly. She just felt that it was impossible for him to abandon the marriage with Vivian, which would bring him a lot of benefits.

As a businessman, what he valued most was to maximize the benefits.

How could he give up such a good business and insist on her, a woman who h

years old. How could it be possible for her to be deaf? If she was to be deaf, John would be deaf before her.

Suddenly, John realized something. "You said that I had a family. Did you refer to Vivian?"

"Of course." Otherwise, what did she mean? Did she mean that John also had a hidden marriage and an unknown spouse?

This was an event of a small probability.

How could it happen to John and her at the same time?

As long as she thought of his engagement to Vivian, she couldn't help but lower her eyes. She felt disappointed.

At the same time, John stared at the sad face of Nina and a chuckle came out of his throat. He joked, "Are you jealous?"

"Jealous? Why am I jealous?" Nina suddenly raised her eyes and a hint of panic that she did not notice flashed through her eyes, as if her mind was suddenly poked in, and her eyelashes were flapping to cover her feelings.

"How can I be jealous? I don't like you at all." Nina turned her head and honestly felt that she didn't like John.

She had asked others what love was. According to the answers given by others, she made a judgment that she didn't like John.

"You don't like me?" The expression on John's face suddenly changed.

If she didn't like him, why did she express her love to him? Did she think he didn't know the meaning of 520?

He didn't expect that she had learned to tell a lie at such a young age.

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