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   Chapter 94 Punished To Stand

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Seeing the teacher coming, everyone sat down at once. Emma had to continue to sit down, and Nina went to the empty seat.

When the male classmate saw that Nina really came, his wheat skin turned red again. He scratched his head. The male classmates around all stood up and let Nina sit down first.

When Nina approached, she found that all the boys in her class were gathered here. She sat in the middle, which seemed a little conspicuous.

Because someone was gossiping about her again.

"Hello, campus belle. My name is Colin Jiang, a student of chemistry department." It was the second time he had talked to the campus belle, and his voice was trembling.

Noticing that he was a little shy, Nina didn't know what to do to calm him down. She nodded slightly and smiled, "Thank you for keeping a seat for me, and thank you for helping me last time. The teacher has promised me not to deduct your credits."

She exchanged credits with a condition, which might put her in danger.

It would be dangerous for her to attend his fiancee's birthday party with John, and she might suffer a lot of difficulties.

"Don't I need to deduct credits? Thank you, campus belle. I don't know how to repay you. " [蒋涛] said shyly, not daring to look at the deer Xi.

"No, you don't have to repay me. This is what I should do. After all, you are deducted points for me." In fact, Nina didn't want anyone to help her at all. It was really troublesome to owe someone a favor.

And troubles came one after another.

"Nina." When John saw Nina sitting in the middle of a group of boys, a flame of anger rose in his heart.

"Yes." All of a sudden, Nina's voice pierced through the whispering crowd and made the whole classroom quiet down.

"Don't you know that the class begins? What are you talking about? " John cast a sharp glance at Nina, like a cold knife shining with cold light.

Did she speak very loudly?

She had been talking in a low voice all the time, and the other people's whispers were much louder than her.

What's wrong with John? Did he deliberately make trouble for Nina?

He just made trouble with her this noon, and now he did again?

Nina's eyes were filled with resentment, but she couldn't quarrel with him in class, so she had

ould take revenge on him sooner or later.

Such a bitch!

She really wanted to rush up and beat him up, so that he could know her who was endowed with civil and material virtues.

Emma, who was standing next to Nina, noticed the stubbornness of Nina. With her keen observation, she had guessed that there was a close relationship between John and Nina. She couldn't help smiling.

"It's a letter from Mickey, Nina."

"Thank you." She took the letter from Emma. Actually, it was a paper folded casually. The words on the corners of the letter even could be seen.

"You're welcome. I'm leaving now."


Nina smiled gently. She thought she would see Emma again.

After she left, Nina opened the letter and saw four densely packed sheets of paper. But actually, Nina just received three effective messages form the letter.

First, Paul took Michelle to the headquarters of Phoenix Force in Spring City for a month for training. She was not allowed to bring any communication equipment with her.

Second, Emma was Michelle's cousin. She was Michelle's favorite family besides her parents.

Third, Michelle suspected that Emma's boyfriend had an affair and asked her to help Emma at the critical moment, such as beating that man to bleed.

"Isn't it too exaggerated that the man was beaten to bleed?" Nina put her hand on her forehead and couldn't help laughing.

As soon as she put the letter away, one of her classmates said, "Nina, the teacher asked you to go to his office."

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