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   Chapter 91 He Was The Only One Who Didn't Know Nina Was His Wife

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Observing in secret, Sam saw that John was shocked and was holding a pen but didn't write anything, which pleased Sam very much. He smiled with relief.

"That's a good idea." Sam praised Mr. Jake. It was Mr. Jake who asked him to take out the divorce agreement.

"Henry told me that Mr. John asked madam to marry him. But madam said she would only marry him as his legal wife. Otherwise, she wouldn't have any relationship with him. Now that they have fallen in love with each other, if we give the divorce agreement to Mr. John at this time and let him see clearly who signed it, they won't get divorced. What's more, they will have a closer relationship."

"You are right. Look, he has taken back his pen and left with the divorce agreement." Sam smiled, with more wrinkles on his face. He couldn't help but think about the future, 'It seems that Nina will marry John and I will have a grandson soon.'

Mr. Jake was happy to see Sam grin from ear to ear. But when he thought of Vivian's birthday party, he was worried.

"Sir, Miss Vivian's birthday party is coming soon. Miss Jessica has been trying to make a match between Mr. John and Miss Vivian. If they know that Mr. John and madam have been married, I'm afraid there will be many disputes because of madam's current identity."

"How can there be any dispute? Who dares to dispute? I chose her as my son's wife." Sam was very satsfied with his daughter-in-law.

Mr. Jake answered truthfully, "Miss Jessica attaches great importance to Mr. John's marriage. She prefers a family of equal social rank and always wants him to marry Miss Vivian. The Ye family also values family background. If they know Mr. John and madam's marriage, I'm afraid they will ridicule madam for her identity."

"Indeed, they are not from families of equal social rank. But it's not that Nina doesn't deserve John, but that our family doesn't match her family. As for the so-called family background and social rank of the Ye family... Nina's family background is beyond their reach. Vivian was just a daughter of the mistress before she entered the Ye family." Sam snorted. He looked down upon the mistress the most.

Mr. Jake didn't know much about the identity of Nina, so he asked for more information.

"Sir, madam is

didn't you tell me?" His cold voice was low and depressed. Helen had taken care of him for more than ten years and she had worked hard. Now she was old, so he could temporarily restrain the anger in his heart.

Helen felt wronged. "Mr. John, I thought you knew it. I've always called her madam and you have no objection."

'I thought you knew she was your wife so you let me call her madam.'

John was stunned. Was it his fault?

At the same time, Adrian rushed to the North Yard with Henry, who was wearing a patient robe. Adrian came to seek justice for Henry. However, as soon as they stepped into the living room, they felt that the there was something wrong.

Seeing the two of them, Helen seemed to see her savior. She grabbed the divorce agreement and went to ask for help. "Mr. Adrian and Mr. Henry, you come at the right time. Please persuade Mr. John not to divorce madam."

"Divorce?" They were surprised.

Adrian was surprised, "Mr. John, when did you get married?"

Henry took the divorce agreement and knew it was taken from Sam. He was shocked.

"Mr. John, has Mr. Sam agreed that you divorce Miss Nina?"

How could Sam agree to give him the divorce agreement?

"Miss Nina?" A cruel smile appeared on the corner of John's mouth as if he had heard something terrible.

"Well..." The corner of Henry's mouth froze. He felt something wrong.

"Do you also know that Nina is my wife?"

Everyone around him knew that Nina was his wife. He was the only one who didn't know it.

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