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   Chapter 90 His Wife Was Nina

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"Put me down." Nina flipped her hair and clapped her hands on John's back. She used a lot of strength, as if she was deliberately venting her dissatisfaction.

She had known that John had a fiancee, but she had never said it. Now he said she was his woman in front of her brother, Nina couldn't help but speak it out.

"I have already known it. John, we are both married. It's immoral for you to blatantly claim that I'm your woman. "

Nobody spoke after hearing Nina's words.

Her words weighed a thousand pounds that John couldn't take a single step forward. He stood still in a daze.

John had planned to solve this matter secretly so that the little girl could stay with him aboveboard.

But she had knew about it?

Mr. John, who had always been decisive in the business, suddenly didn't know how to explain to her.

"Mr. John and madam..." The assistant next to them was stunned. Madam had got married, and Mr. John was also married. While their marriage partner was not each other.

What kind of mistake was this?

Even Noah, who had always been calm, was confused. What did he hear just now?

Mr. John was married. Why haven't he heard of it?

And Ninja was also married?

It was immoral for two married people to tangle with each other.

Noah said again, "Mr. John, please put Ninja down. Many people are watching us."

People who was looking at them lowered their heads and didn't dare to make a sound when John raised his head and looked around.

It was impossible for anyone who could enter the restaurant not to focus on something else. A single name "Mr. John" was enough to frighten everyone.

"Clear the site." He ordered with cold face which made everyone left wisely.

The assistant reminded everyone, "Sign your name at the front desk before you leave. If anyone tell others what happened today, he will oppose Mr. John."

Henry had warned her that when Mr. John encountered madam, he would always be impulsive and would not consider whether it would damage his image in public. Therefore, as an assistant, she must protect Mr. John's interests all the time and not spread any negative impact on Mr. John.

But why didn't Henry tell her that this lady was not Mr. John's wife?

However, since Mr. John had personally said Ms. Nina to be the wife of him, they could only respectfully call her madam.

Moreover, she was very grateful to Ms. Nina. If it weren't for her

eemed to have other meanings.

The two of them left. John headed straight to the SQ Road, reaching out for the divorce agreement that had already been signed.

"Give me the divorce agreement." John looked serious.

He didn't have time to contact his wife now. The fastest way was to get the divorce agreement that she had signed. As long as he signed it, they would no longer be a couple.

Of course, he could leave a place for his little girl.

Sam looked at his little son with a serious face and remained silent for a long time. He didn't agree until Mr. Jake whispered something in his ear.

"Go and fetch the divorce agreement."

"Yes." Mr. Jake took out the neatly folded divorce agreement and handed it to John. "Mr. John, this is the divorce agreement signed by Mrs. Faye."

Mr. Sam eagerly looked at the divorce agreement that had been taken by John. No matter what, he had to struggle again. He couldn't lose such a precious daughter-in-law.

"Please see clearly who your wife is when you sign it!" Mr. Sam snorted and let Mr. Jake help him walk away.

John took out his pen and directly turned to the place where his signature was needed. Reminded by Mr. Sam just now, John paid more attention to it.

As soon as the tip of the pen touched the paper, a familiar handwriting suddenly appeared in his eyes.

The name "Nina" suddenly appeared in front of him, and gradually enlarged, occupying his entire heart.

"Nina?" With a shake of his hand holding the pen, John opened his thin red lips slightly and was stunned.

His wife was Nina?

Was his little girl his secret wife?

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