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   Chapter 89 Not A Mistress

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Noticing the inquiry in Noah's eyes, Nina blinked and said as if nothing had happened, "Yes, my surname is Lu. Is it strange? I live in a fishing village in Spring City. "

"It's not strange." It was not strange at first, but she explained the address of her home spontaneously, as if she was deliberately misleading him, which was suspicious.

Spring City and CM Island were across the sea. There were indeed some fishing villages with the surname of Lu living there. It was said that they had moved here from CM Island long time ago.

Noah was more or less sure that Nina had something to do with CM Island.

Since she was unwilling to tell him her identity, he would respect her will and would not force her.

"I once stayed in spring city for a period of time and was lucky enough to go to a small fishing village nearby. I heard that people there liked to add a word of the name. Since you are from Spring City, I will call you Ninja from now on. What do you think?"

Hearing the name "Ninja", Nina was stunned. Only her brother would call her "Ninja" kindly.

When Noah called her "Ninja", Nina seemed to see her brother sitting opposite her and looking at her with a smile.

"Well, my family also call me like that." Nina nodded and agreed. She didn't think it was inappropriate.

But she didn't think there was anything wrong with her name, which made Noah catch a huge loophole.

The residents of the fishing village in Spring City didn't call others like this. He heard this name from CM Island. The elders or ordinary people in their family would add a word of the name, which was a very intimate name.

When Nina said that her family also called her like this, Noah had already confirmed that Nina was from CM Island.

The commoners of CM Island were either rich or powerful. Why did she come to LC City and didn't stay in CM Island?

Although he had a lot of doubts in his heart, they were all Nina's own affairs. Whether he knew it or not was not a big deal.

Noah glanced at the Chinese food on the table and said softly, "Ninja, let's have dinner first. I know there is a restaurant where the fish is very delicious. They are all transported from the training ground of CM Island. They are fresh. I'll take you there next time. "

CM Island was a rich place guarded by the sea. The people there mainly ate seafood and fish, and the style of their diet was western countries. They ate western food was more than Chinese food.

Now it was Chinese food. He wondered if she cou

like a sharp blade, chopping down on Nina and Noah.

The discussion stopped abruptly.

Both Nina and Noah raised their eyes to look at the source of the voice. When they saw John's gloomy face, the two of them were stunned.

Adultery? Catch adultery?


"Mr. John?"

His sharp eyes swept over the two people, as if his look could penetrate the two.

John ignored Noah and bent down to carry Nina on his shoulder, walking out with a dark face.

Another surge of blood and vitality flowed back from Nina's body. Her entire body hung upside down on John, attracting everyone's attention.



"John, you fucking let go of me!" Nina didn't pay attention to any civilized language. She roared angrily, and her voice seemed to be able to shake the sky.

"Can you stop doing this? You always carry me on your shoulder. What do you think of me? " Flames of fury gushed out.


This method the most useful to you. Why not use it?

"Mr. John, please let her go." Noah stood up and stopped John. His voice was sonorous and powerful.

"Any problem?" There was a cold aura in John's deep eyes. Before Noah could answer, John said with oppression and ridicule, "What identity do you use to ask me to let go of my woman? The criminal investigation team has enough time to deal with this matter? "

Was Ninja Mr. John's woman?

Noah's eyes fell on the red face of Nina who was in anger. Nina said angrily, "John, don't push your luck. I wasn't a mistress!"

A mistress?

"When did you know that?" John stopped and his eyes were as deep as a pool of stagnant water.

How did the little girl know that he had hidden his marriage?

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