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   Chapter 88 Senior

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Noah drove Nina and they went to the Chinese restaurant on the sixteenth floor of the HD Square.

Gentlemanly, he let Nina order and then took out a square gift box and handed it to her.

"These are lollipops of twelve flavors." He said in a hoarse voice.

Nina was not attracted by the lollipops, but by Noah's voice. She looked up and met his clear eyes.

Noah's hoarse voice was totally different from the low and deep voice of John, but they both sounded particularly pleasant. John's eyes were deep and Noah's eyes were clear. They were different but were both charming.

Nina couldn't help comparing the two men. If Noah didn't become a policeman, he would definitely be as outstanding as John and become a business legend.

However, to become the leader of the business world, one had to be a ruthless person like John, who had always been in the leading position and who people didn't dare to disobey.

"Wow, did you really give me lollipops?" When Nina came to her senses, she opened the box and saw twenty-four lollipops in it, which were neatly arranged and looked pleasing.

"Don't you like it? I've given half of the lollipops to you and I'll keep the others. You can ask me for more when your lollipops are eaten up." Seeing that she really liked the lollipops, Noah smiled.

Nina took out one and gently rotated the candy with her fingers. She was really like a child who got candy and smiled.

The lollipop was not only delicious, but also good-looking.

But it didn't seem appropriate for her to ask Noah for free lollipops. "You can tell me where to buy them. I can buy them myself. I have the money to buy the lollipops."

Noah smiled. He didn't think that she didn't have the money to buy the lollipops, but there were no such lollipops for sale.

He made the lollipops himself.

"There is no such lollipops for sale in the shops. You can take them from me or buy them from me."

"Oh, I see. No wonder the packaging is different from what I see in ordinary advertisements." It suddenly occurred to Nina that Noah was actually a rich man. Rich men

aid that we would see you at the right time." Noah thought of her calmness when he first met her, the whiteboard with the information of the dead and her wise judgment. He was impressed by her.

No wonder Mr. Gu accepted her. Such a brave and wise girl was indeed lovely.

"Mr. Gu is right. We two did meet at the right time. It was impolite for me to call you Noah just now. I'd better call you brother from now on. Don't call me Miss Nina. Call me Nina." Nina seemed to have a closer relationship with Noah. She was not as reserved as before and became more lively and had more facial expressions.

He remembered that her surname was Lu. Noah thought that there were few people whose surname was Lu. The place where this surname appeared the most was CM Island, where the elk was regarded as a mascot. It was the richest place in the world and also a small country.

"Your surname is Lu. Right?" Noah guessed that Nina was from CM Island. Firstly, her surname was Lu. Secondly, she had a special appearance, with a tall and straight nose.

He had once been to CM Island. The people of that country looked outstanding and had their own characteristics. He didn't think they were different when he was on the island. But when he was in other places, he could tell the difference by careful observation.

After all, people living in different places had their unique characteristics.

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