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   Chapter 87 Be Defeated By Her

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John slowly stood up and came to Nina to touch her head, but she dodged.

"I told you not to touch my head." It was like touching a pet, but she was a human, not a pet! Why couldn't he remember what she said?

Then he withdrew his hand that had stopped in the air and approached Nina's face. He reached out his hand and pinched it. "I also said that I would pinch your face if I didn't touch your head."

Her face was as tender as a peeled egg. It felt good.

"Ah, let me go, let me go." With her eyes wide open, she grabbed his right wrist and glanced at the lower part of his body.

His eagle-like sharp eyes just caught the eyes of Nina. He had already known what she would do next.

When Nina was about to raise her foot and give a side kick, John firmly caught her calf with his left hand while his right hand was still pinching her face.

"Little girl, what do you think about it?" He raised his eyebrows, as if he was waiting for her praise.

In order to avoid being beaten, he had specially learned some tackling skills from Richard.

He had never thought of improving his tackling skills since he was dignified and nobody dared to hurt him. Besides, he was protected by Richard.

He didn't expect that he had to learn tackling skills for a little girl.

But it seemed to have worked. At least he could withstand the kick.

Nina didn't expect that he would be able to withstand the kick. The warmth on her calf reminded her of one thing.

He had been giving in to her before.

But that didn't mean that she really needed to be suppressed by him instead.

"Well, so what?" Nina quickly changed her posture, pressed her thumb on the meridians of John's wrist and slowed down the speed of blood circulation.

She smiled defiantly.

John's right hand loosened and gradually became numb. As long as Nina exerted a little more strength, there would be a pain and numb swelling on his wrist.

It was not a good feeling, as if someone was holding his life.

"Let go of me." He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. Why did this little girl always have a way to control him.

Was he going to be defeated by her?

"Let go of me, too." Nina reduced her strength and negotiated with him.

He smiled and compromised, "Okay, let's do it at the same time."

Nina glared at him. She knew that he didn't dare to


Mr. John had never hired a woman to work as his assistant. If he suddenly promoted her, she would probably become the public enemy of all the women in the company. Being his temporary assistant was not a good job.

"She says you are a careful person." Without even raising his eyelids, John lowered his head to work and said in a voice as cold as ice.

"She?" The assistant asked in confusion. She didn't know who she was.

"You've met her before." When it came to Nina, he couldn't help but say a few more words, "The pen."

The pen?

The beauty who came to return the pen last time?

"Miss Nina?" The assistant's pupils shrank slightly and couldn't help gossiping in her heart. It seemed that Nina had a close relationship with John.

When he heard how she called Nina, he frowned and said coldly, "Call her madam from now on."

The people around him all called her madam, which made him feel comfortable.

Besides, she would marry him sooner or later.

"Ma, ma... Madam?" The assistant almost slipped. It turned out that Nina was John's wife.

She was shocked.

"Yes, Mr. John." The assistant began to work diligently.

The first task was to make a summary of Nina's class schedule and living habits.

The second task was to drive to pick up Nina to the designated place for dinner.

When the assistant saw Nina in the LD University, she saw her in Noah's car.

She had no choice but to call John and tell him the truth, trying to be implicit, in case of angering John.

"Mr. John, madam has got in a man's car."

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