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   Chapter 86 Good Physical Strength

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"Open the door." When Nina was shocked, John pursed his lips and chuckled with an indifferent expression, as if he was provoking her.

Since he could find her, he had made preparations in advance.

Last night, he not only asked for the address, but also called Michelle. At the same time, he sent a message to her, telling her to pay attention to the phone call.


Michelle rubbed her eyes and opened the door. She said in a daze, "Nini, Uncle John, are you back after running? Have a good time. I'll go to class later. "

After saying that, she yawned again and muttered, "Why am I so sleepy today?"

In the past, when Nini finished her breakfast and came back, it was between half past seven and eight o'clock. It was exactly at this time when she had class in the one or two class in the morning.

But why was she so sleepy today?

Michelle thought it might be because she played games too late last night, so she went straight to the bookshelf to take the books for the morning class.

John carried Nina to the sofa and threw Nina on it. He glanced at her small apartment, which was well decorated, but why were there so many decorations with rabbit patterns, and even the pillows on the sofa were a rabbit and a carrot.

Did she like rabbits?

Nina sat on the sofa silently, like a ghost, quietly angry with herself.

She was afraid of being cut off her hands and feet. Otherwise, when John carried her just now, even if she punched him with her fist, she would have beat him to internal wounds.

"Where is the wardrobe?" John was still thinking about her exposed legs, which were particularly eye-catching.

She dared to show her legs to others.

Nina seemed not to hear it.

Instead, Michelle pointed at their bedroom and said, "In the room."

Hearing Michelle's voice, Nina finally came to her senses. She hadn't settled accounts with Michelle yet.

"Mickey, what are you doing?" 'Why didn't you answer my phone before? Today, when he called you, you answered and even got up to open the door for him.

Michelle, have you been bribed!'

Nina indignantly questioned in her heart, but she couldn't say it in front of John, lest she would be laughed at.

"I'm looking for my book." Michell

ff the images in her mind, but the more she thought, the more she thought.

At last, she had to go to the window and open it. The wind in April blew for a while and the images dissipated a lot.

God bless......

Nina closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down. Only in this way could she calm down and return to her normal heartbeat.

John stared at the door leisurely, and his deep eyes seemed to be able to penetrate the door. When he saw the shy look of Nina, his eyes were sparkling.

Little girl was indeed children. She was too shy.

He decided to teach her more in the future.

When Nina came out, she had already changed into the dress chosen by John, and her face was slightly cold.

"Well, that's good." John added in a forced tone, "Throw away all your clothes and pants. We don't lack the money for this cloth."

'Was this a matter of money?'

Nina thought to herself. Why was there so many crooked reasons for John?

"It's my business. It's none of your business." He wanted to manage too many things that he even had time to discipline her.

"Why can't I discipline my woman?"

"Who is your woman?"

"You. Have you forgotten what you said? " With an evil and attractive smile on his face, John reminded Nina deliberately, "John is your first man, and also the last man."

"I am not." Nina retorted sourly. She was very depressed. Didn't he say that he cared about face the most?

Was John she met recently a fake one?

Where was his face?

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