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   Chapter 85 Resist Her Again

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"Nini, do you want to one more? You need to eat more. Mr. James tell me that you were frightened and sick today, so this is the soup made by ginseng that I specially bring it from home. My mother said that this ginseng has been for a hundred years, and it's the best for health. " Michelle took another bowl of ginseng soup and put it in front of Nina, indicating her to drink another bowl.

Looking at the ginseng soup in front of her, Nina swallowed. It was not because she wanted to drink, but because she really didn't want to drink it.

As soon as she was pulled over and didn't know what happened, she was forced to drink a bowl of soup by Mickey. Then she felt it delicious and drank another bowl.

Now this was the third bowl. She had drank chicken soup in the North Yard.

Nina was really worried that she would have a nosebleed because of excessive nutrition.

"Mickey, I can't drink any more. How about drinking it tomorrow?" Nina didn't want to disappoint Michelle. She couldn't drink anymore, so she had to speak in a euphemistic way.

Let's talk about it tomorrow.

Michelle saw that Nina's face was red and there was nothing serious about her, so Michelle reluctantly nodded and looked at her.

"Then I'll heat it for you tomorrow. You must drink it."

"Okay." Nina nodded immediately.

Then, Michelle was about to clean the kitchen. Nina wanted to help her, but she was locked in the bedroom by Michelle because Michelle thought that she had just been frightened and needed more rest.

Nina was helpless, but she was very grateful to Michelle, who was always meticulous to her. Nina thanked Michelle with a smile and sat down to pick up her phone.

It showed that John had accepted and replied to her. But she didn't think too much. Instead, Nina felt a little relaxed.

But it was not so relaxed for her, because she owed John a favor to save her life.

The next morning, Nina got up and ran as usual. As soon as she went downstairs, she met John who just flicked a cigarette butt from his hand.

Today John looked very different. He was wearing a white letter T-shirt, a white casual pants with two red wide lines on both sides, and a pair of white shoes on his feet.

John's skin was fair, and his white body made him feel like a teenager. The only red mark on his body ma

by on the road were looking at her with strange eyes, which made her face speechless. She had to put her hair in a messy way to cover her face, and cursed angrily, "Shame on you!"

"Where is your home?" John asked her at the same time.


Nina felt like weeping but had no tears.

"Which side?" Nina didn't say anything for a long time, so he had to ask again.

John had already asked James for the address of her apartment, so he waited at a place where he could park the car.

The floor where Nina lived was not high, just on the third floor. But there were two doors on the third floor. John didn't know how to go.

"On your left." Nina said sourly, "I don't have the key. You can do it by yourself. Mickey has fell asleep, and under normal circumstances, she won't wake up."

Knowing that she was angry, John ignored her. As he took out his phone, he said, "You said she won't wake up under normal circumstances."

Nina saw that he was calling Michelle up. She was surprised and asked, "Why did you have Mickey's number?"

"I want, so I have." John dialed the number, but no one answered it.

Nina couldn't help but feel complacent. "I've told you that Mickey was fell asleep. It's useless for you to call her."

Once, she came back without having breakfast after jogging. Her phone kept ringing, but Mickey was still sleeping and didn't hear it.

She didn't believe that John could carry her here for an hour.

"Hello, Uncle John?" The voice of Michelle came through the phone.

Nina was stunned.


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