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   Chapter 84 Expressing Her Love

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When Nina woke up, it was already dusk. There were rosy clouds in the sky, as if a piece of brocade was spreading in the sky.

The North Yard was very quiet and the bedroom was even quieter. There was only the sound of the quilt slipping down when Nina moved.

With her hands on both sides of her body, she found that the left side of her face was warm while the right side was a little cold, but she didn't think too much.

On the way downstairs, she happened to see Helen doing cleaning. The whole living room was full of clothes, which confused her.

"Helen, what are these?"

"Good morning, madam. Do you still have a headache?" Hearing the voice, Helen turned around and asked with concern. Seeing that Nina was still wearing her old and shabby clothes, Helen said, "Madam, Mr. John has bought these clothes for you. Please put on the new clothes since the clothes you're wearing are a little broken."

Nina was a little surprised. She didn't expect that John would prepare clothes for her. But there were too many clothes.

She looked at the clothes and put on a long dress. The hemline of the dress was long enough to touch her ankle and there was a round collar and sleeves. This dress was exactly what she wanted. Then she put on a pair of white flat shoes.

She had specially checked the price tag. The price of the dress and the shoes was five thousand and two hundred in total. She decided to gave the money to John via WeChat.

"Madam, you are so beautiful." Helen praised sincerely. She had never seen such a beautiful girl in her whole life.

She had met Vivian before and thought she was good-looking, but she was not so beautiful as Nina, whose beauty was incomparable.

Hearing someone praise her, Nina smiled, but reminded her, "Helen, don't call me madam anymore."

If John's fiancée knew it, John would definitely get into trouble.

"Yes, madam." Helen answered, but she kept calling her madam.

Glancing around, Nina didn't see John. She was about to ask, but after thinking for a while, she closed her mouth.

Seeing that Nina was looking around and wanted to say something but stopped. Helen guessed that she wanted to ask where John was but was too shy to ask, so Helen answered spontaneously.

"Mr. John has just left. He has gone to the company to deal with his work. He has said that if you wake up, you may have dinner first and needn't wait for him."

Nina was speechless. She had never thought of waiting for him.

But he just went to the company

n replied, "Oh my God! Someone gave you money. If he is a man, he must have owed you money. If she is a lady, the number 520... Mr. John, so many beautiful women like you. Who is this?"

John replied, "Out." He had just one woman.

John had no choice but to send the message to Henry. Confused, Henry said, "Mr. John, who owes you money?"

Then John said, "Out". How could Nina owe him money? Everything was hers.

In the end, John sent it to James and got a reply, "Uncle John, is this Aunt Nina? I know it is Aunt Nina at the first sight of the profile photo. Don't think too much. She is expressing her love to you. Look at this number. What does 520 mean? Don't you know it?"

'Expressing her love to me?' A smile appeared on John's face. He was satisfied with this answer. As for what 520 meant, he really didn't know, so he decisively replied three words, "I don't know."

"Uncle John, I've told you not to be busy with your work all day long, but you don't take my advice. You don't know what girls are thinking now, do you?"

"520 means I love you."

As for what James said, John had already thought of a way to punish him. But when he saw the last sentence, he couldn't think of any other way to punish James. The sentence "I love you" was the only thing that he was thinking about.

So, was Nina expressing her love to him?

The light on the phone screen seemed to draw a smile between John's eyebrows. It seemed that a ray of sunlight had penetrated through the dark clouds and shone on people.

John smiled.

John took the money and replied Nina, "I got it and I'll accept it."

Sure enough, she liked him.

He liked her initiative.

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