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   Chapter 81 Call Her Madam

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After Ellison's arms were cut off, John still didn't want to let him go. Instead, he ordered Richard, "Take him back to the SQ Road and interrogate him slowly until the messenger is revealed."

"Yes, Mr. John." After that, Richard took Ellison back to the Shi family and asked the doctor to stop the bleeding. Then, Ellison would be imprisoned and tortured endlessly until he told the messenger.

The other people returned to the North Yard.

On their way back to the North Yard, Henry inadvertently asked James about the man who knocked down the strong man with a punch. After Uncle John nodded, James told him the identity of Richard and his status in the Shi family.

The Shen family was one of the three giants in LC City. Its economy and power had been surging. Some people were in awe of it, and some were afraid of it. Those who were in high positions had a lot of danger in their lives, so they naturally needed someone to protect them.

Since Mr. Sam's generation, the Shi family had trained professional guards to protect their descendants, which were generally referred to as the guards. They lived in the house on the SQ Road and usually acted as ordinary guards and bodyguards.

At present, there were a total of two hundred guards which were divided into five group, and they were respectively obedient to Mr. Sam and his four children. Richard was the head of the guards of the Shi family, who was ordered by John.

Originally, Henry just asked casually, but in the end, he got himself a new business, which would be responsible for communicating with Richard in the future, and also responsible for their life and salary management.

Henry was so angry that he didn't dare to say anything. He could only say that he would obey the emperor's order. However, he wanted to disobey the emperor's order in his mind.

In the North Yard.

Since Nina was soaked in cold water, she began to feel cold in the car, which was the signs of illness.

Now as soon as he got out of the car, the cold wind blew in the morning, and Nina coughed several times, which frightened John. He quickly carried her into the room, and asked Henry to call the family doctor. Then he asked Helen to bring some cold medicine.

Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Nina wrapped herself in a blanket, holding a cup of hot water and coughing from time to time.

"Madam. Nina, this is the cold medicine." Helen handed over the cold medicine and looked at the pale face of Nina with sympathy. What had happened to her?

"Thank you, Helen." Taking the medicine, Nina raised her head and took

e John's bedroom.

On the first floor, Lisa, the manager of the FG headquarters, came with lots of women's clothes and all kinds of jewelry. The floor hangers were placed all over the hall, and women's clothes were neatly hung.

Lisa said respectfully, "Mr. John, the new products of FG season are all here, because I don't know madam's usual style. Please tell me so that I can pick out the suitable clothes for Mr. John."

"Madam? Who told you it was for madam? " The expression on John's face was always calm. He was always indifferent in front of his subordinates.

"Assistant Henry." Lisa felt a little nervous. Was she wrong? But Assistant Henry said she was going to prepare it for Mr. John's wife.

John nodded slightly and glanced at Henry. Why did Henry learn to please him?

"You told her to prepare for madam?"

"Yes." Henry also felt nervous. Was it wrong to call her that? Helen called her madam directly, but Mr. John didn't object.

Cold sweat broke out on Lisa's forehead, but she still maintained the calmness as a shop manager. "Mr. John, is there anything wrong with the title?"

"No problem." He liked this title very much.


Hearing John said there was no problem, Lisa and Henry looked at each other and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.

"It's good for you two to please me. Your salary will be doubled from tomorrow on."

"Thank you, Mr. John and madam!" Lisa felt that her heart was almost unable to bear it. Life was so ups and downs.

The corners of Henry's mouth twitched a little. He didn't mean to flatter John. He just told the truth. But he didn't expect that the word "madam" would double his salary.

What did he do before?

Henry felt regretful!

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