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   Chapter 78 John, Save Me

Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me By Li Zi Characters: 7289

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Henry hurried back to the Time Group from the hospital. As soon as he entered the office, Mr. John stuffed his laptop into his arms, pointed at the shared location on the WeChat, and said coldly, "Investigate!"

When Henry saw the two words "save me" sent out by Ms. Nina, he immediately realized what was going on.

Henry's slender fingers were flexible. Within three minutes, he had locked the position of Nina.

"An independent villa in the suburb. The specific address is...... The owner is Ellison Liu. " Henry then quickly searched for relevant information about Ellison Liu. "Ellison Liu has a criminal record of obscenity to a girl."

Obscene girl?

If he dared to touch Nina, he would die without a burial place.

"Contact Richard Zhan." John gave a number to Henry, turned around and disappeared in the company.

When he went downstairs, he happened to meet James who was in a hurry. Without saying a word, James followed John to get into the car. Before he could sit down, the car had been started and drove to the address provided by Henry.

In the villa.

As time passed, the anesthetic on Nina's body was gradually losing effect and her consciousness began to come back.

She opened her eyes in a daze and looked at the white ceiling with a crystal lamp on it. She looked sideways and saw a simply decorated bedroom.

But she was still weak and couldn't stand up at all.


The sound of pushing the door and footsteps on the floor came to her ears. The footsteps were very heavy, and Nina guessed that he was a strong man.

Nina tried her best to open her drooping eyes, but she couldn't open them all. She could only vaguely see a strong figure, wearing a black shirt, black tight pants, and a pair of Martin boots.

"Who, who are you?" Nina's voice was weak and she didn't even speak clearly. From a man's point of view, she just opened her mouth.

Ellison Liu held a white glass in his left hand, which was filled with half a glass of water. He took a pill in his right hand and threw it into the water. The pill sank and disintegrated slowly in the water, gradually turning into powder, and formed a whirlpool after he shook the gla

nd weak. The cells in her body were screaming crazily.

Nina couldn't hold on any longer.

"Bitch, hahaha The drug takes effect, I'll see how you beg me later! " Ellison Liu stood up, drew back his neck, rubbed his hands and approached Nina step by step.

"Don't come over, don't come over...... Do you hear me? Stay away from me! " Nina was scared. Now she was at a stalemate again. There was no way back, and there was no way ahead.

Her attack didn't cause any substantial damage to the man. It was just some flesh wounds.

What should she do?

Once again, Nina was caught in endless doubts. If it weren't for the glass of water, she would have been able to escape.

When the man's hands were about to reach out, Nina closed her eyes and subconsciously roared out a name.

"John, save me!"

John, where are you? Save me!

An unprecedented fear occupied her heart.

She didn't know if God had heard her prayer. Just when she thought she was about to be ravaged, the door was kicked open, and the whole door collapsed on the ground, raising a cloud of dust.


A familiar voice came to her ears. He was anxious and angry.

Nina suddenly opened her eyes and saw four men standing at the door. The man in the middle who was surrounded by ice, like stepping on a ghastly white bone. It was John.

"John...... ...... " Nina, who had been enduring humiliation and tears, broke down and burst into tears when she saw John.

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