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   Chapter 37 Satisfied With Service

Deep Affection: Honey, Come Back To Me By Li Zi Characters: 7493

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John had already sat down, and the others followed.

Mr. He, hiding Nina, refused to sit down for a long time. Wilson kept winking at him, indicating him not to behave recklessly.

"Mr. John, Mr. Zhu, I'm really sorry. I have something urgent to deal with at home, so I have to leave now. I'll apologize to you another day." Mr. He was about to leave with Nina.

At that moment, Nina was deeply touched.

She used to have a lot of social engagements, but her parents never wanted her to leave. Instead, they forced her to treat others, saying that it was her responsible to do so.

"You must be Mr. He, right? Then the one next to you must be Ms. Nina. It's just a beginning. How can you leave so quickly? " Mr. Zhu looked like a friendly-looking villain with a wicked smile and threatening eyes.

Even the host of the party said so, Wilson felt embarrassed and shouted, "Mr. He, sit down! Don't mess around. "

One hundred million dollars was enough to maintain their project running for two years. As long as they worked hard, the scientific research result would be released. It would be a great honor.

Mr. He was not sensible enough.

Wilson felt aggrieved and stood up to pull Mr. He. Mr. He stared back coldly that he was never afraid of Wilson.

Seeing that Mr. He didn't change his mind, Wilson had to persuade Nina. "Ms. Nina, what can be more important than our scientific research project in Mr. He's family? He and his wife had spent most of their lives on it. Now that Mr. Zhu is willing to help us, we have to thank him. "

Wilson specially nodded and bowed to Mr. Zhu, trying to please him.

"It's nothing. I'm a businessman and I believe the ability of your team. I believe you will give me a good return." Mr. Zhu looked Nina up and down while saying this.

Her little face was tender and good-looking, especially her small mouth, which must be sweet to be bitten.

Besides, her waist and legs were so slim that he couldn't help but touch them.

Although she was well dressed, it couldn't cover her figure at all. She looked so beautiful without any make-up, much more beautiful than those women in the entertainment circle.

Those coquettish women were not as beautiful as this Nina. She was so pu

he was not willing to approve.

"Ms. Nina, please propose a toast to Mr. Zhu." Wilson really wanted to hold up the glass for her, fearing that she would make a mistake at a critical moment. As long as she could please Mr. Zhu, one hundred million would be easy to get.

Seeing Wilson smiled obsequiously, Nina was bitterly disappointed. Hearing what Mr. Zhu said, she felt even more disgusted. She really wanted to beat him to death.

When she turned to look at John, she saw that he was watching them with interest, so she guessed that John must want her to submit to Mr. Zhu in order to take revenge on her.

James had told her that she must obey John, or John would take revenge on the person she cared about. At that time, Nina would really regret not obeying him.

"I drink to you, Mr. Zhu." Nina smiled slightly. She raised her head and drank it in one gulp.

"You are good at drinking, Ms. Nina." Mr. Zhu was almost in love with Nina that he drank it up.

Nina put down the wine glass and put on an apologetic smile. "Mr. Zhu, what kind of service can make you happy?"

"Hahaha..." Mr. Zhu was overjoyed. He heard her straightforward words just now, but he didn't expect that she was a person who knew how to make people happy.

"Come and sit here." Mr. Zhu waved at Nina, and kept his eyes on Nina all the time.

Nina glanced at the John and found that his eyes were full of cold and disgusted.

Nina was overjoyed in her heart. As expected, John began to hate her.

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