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   Chapter 36 Dinner Party

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When Michelle saw them talking together, she happily went toward them and asked what they were talking about. Nina didn't want Michelle to know it, so she gave an answer and lied to her before her parents answered.

Seeing that, Michelle's parents didn't say anything more. They had dinner together, talking and laughing.

After dinner, under the strong coquetry of Michelle, Nina stayed at her home for the night. The two girls were lying on the bed, whispering something that only the two of them knew.

Michelle whispered, "Nini, why do you marry a man who had a broken heart and was an idiot?"

Staring at the ceiling, Nina thought for a while and concluded, "I have something to ask for."

A lot of capable men could help Sam hide Nina's identity and traces in LC City.

In the past two years, she had been living a peaceful life. It was all because Sam was brilliant and concealed everything about her.

"What? Are you short of money? That's why you agreed to marry him." Michelle turned over and put her hands under her head. Her black eyes were full of pity.

This kind of gaze was no surprise to Nina. She also turned over and the two faced each other. With a sense of spoiling, Nina touched her head and said, "Don't worry. I will divorce soon."

"Wow! Really! That's great!" "Mickey, Nini, you two should go to bed. Don't stay up too late. It's bad for your health and you may lose your hair." Mrs. He reminded in a soft voice.

"Okay, mom." Michelle called out, got into the quilt and stuck out her tongue at Nina.

Nina chuckled, "Aren't you afraid of sudden death? There have been a lot of cases of sudden death from staying up late in recent years."

Michelle pouted and whispered, "Everyone is afraid of sudden death but still stays up late at the same time. Well, whatever, let's continue."

Since then, Michelle had been talking about the advantages of John, hoping that Nina would consider him. After all, he was the best of all the tall, rich and handsome men. He was like an emperor.

Most importantly, Michelle believed that John must like Nina very much. Last

the Time Group, Mr. John."

Before he finished speaking, everyone present was surprised. John had just returned from abroad, and he rarely showed up. There were very few people who had seen him, but he was known to the public.

People who didn't know him were surprised that the cruel and merciless Mr. John was only a thirty-year-old man, while people who knew him were surprised that the busy Mr. John would appear in such a party.

For a moment, everyone had their own thoughts and speculations. Some wanted to seize the opportunity to get to know more powerful people, and some regarded Mr. Zhu as a man with more reputation, since he was able to invite the powerful Mr. John. If this matter was spread out, Mr. Zhu's business would go smoother.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. John."

"Please have a seat, Mr. John."

Everyone kept their respect to Mr. John. They made way for him and waited for him to take his seat.

Nina had been hidden behind Mr. He all the time. Although she couldn't see John's face at the moment, when she thought that he really asked her to be a barmaid, her thorns stood up all over her body. She really wanted to stab him to death.

"Okay." Then John walked to the right and sat opposite Nina.

He raised his eyes and glanced at Nina intentionally or unintentionally. He was surprised that she really came here!

She was willing to do anything for her friend.

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