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   Chapter 18 New Friend

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Nina ran all the way in the direction of the university, and Michelle followed her closely. She didn't stop and have a rest until they reached a safe place.

After a while, Michelle came to her senses and exclaimed, "campus belle, you just hit your uncle!"

Nina felt that it was necessary to clarify this misunderstanding, "he is not my uncle."

"But you call him uncle."

Hearing that, Nina explained patiently, "he is not my real uncle."

"Okay." Michelle argued, "but you can't beat your relative, either."


Nina rolled her eyes at Michelle in her heart. Sure enough, she was still confused, as if she had not woken up. Feeling that she couldn't explain it clearly to Michelle, Nina didn't say anything more and changed the topic. "You haven't seen the man before. Why did you go to catch adultery?"

"Oh, We love each other on the Internet!" Speaking of this, Michelle was so shy that she covered her face with her hands, but showing a sweet smile.

This girl was full in love.

But Nina still reminded her, "Cyber love is unreliable. You should be cautious when you meet him."

The first time they met each other was catching. Could you say that cyber love was reliable?

The two of them chatted for a while and then went back respectively. Michelle gave the contact information of Nina generously. Before leaving, Michelle didn't forget to remind Nina to pay money for sweet potato. Actually she wanted Nina to contact her again.

After then, Nina didn't meet John again for a week, but students was still talking about the hot post between Isabella and her.

Even if she had deleted all the posts, there were still plenty of people talk about this. These two posts had been a topic of conversation among students.

It was not until a freshman student from the business school attracted the students' attention again that their matter was gradually replaced.

Now the hot posts on the forum were arguing about who was the most handsome man between Albert and James.

Albert was a senior student and was about to graduate and leave school in June. In comparison, James became the most handsome man in university.

Nina always heard her classmates talking about how to flirt with her younger students, and also heard someone talking about a girl from the information school who always waited James in the business school and wanted an explanation.

Nina knew the girl they were talking about was Michelle, but she didn't expect that Michelle would be so persistent though she looked thin and short.

Later, Michelle cried in front of her, her eyes swollen like a rabbit. She sobbed and said that James just goofed around with her.

Nina was not surprised at this kind of thing, but it was difficult for her to feel the same way. She could only listen and comfort the little girl, then ask her if she wanted to eat something.

Michelle's face covered with tears and snots. But as soon as she heard food, her eyes were shining, holding Nina's hand to the snack street.

Girls were really easy to coax and her mood changed very fast. Later, she came to find Nina every day and took her to eat all kinds of delicious food, as if she had never known James.

It seemed that in Michelle's world, nothing could not be solved by eating.

At the beginning, Nina was not used to stay with Michelle who spoke too much, but gradually she got used to it and even liked to hear something interesting Michelle told.

Later, Michelle called her Nini instead of campus belle.

It was another noon. Michelle came to the Nina's classroom and waited for her. After class, she held Nina's arm intimately and said with a smile, "Nini, let's go to the No.2 canteen for lunch today."

"What new dishes are there in the No.2 canteen?" Nina always knew what Michelle was thinking.

"It's so delicious. Can you go with me? It's my treat." Michelle showed her meal card and booked the lunch for Nina. After getting along with each other for a long time, Michelle was clear about Nina's weakness. Every time she acted like a spoiled child, Nina had no way but agreed with her.

Michelle saw that Nina didn't eat much every time. Thinking that she hadn't even seen roasted sweet potatoes, she felt that Nina was saving money and always treated her to dinner.

Nina was not good at refusing Michelle's enthusiasm. She thought that she could return it to other places in the future.


wever, they had an unusual meal today, because they met James.

The daily routine of James was to have meals with the crowd, enjoying the admiration of all the girls in the school, and there were also some lackeys trying to please him. This day was no exception.

"The campus belle Nina? Why do we often see her in the canteen recently? "

"Isn't that Michelle from the information school next to her? She was the girl who chased after the school hunk shamelessly. "

Hearing the name of Nina, James was stunned. Was it the girl who had reduced him to this?

"Who is Nina?"

"Mr. James, do you also like the campus belle? She is not chaste. " A female classmate sneered, and the others also snickered.

James looked through the crowd and saw Nina who sat by the window. Only one profile left him a shock.

"Is she Nina?" She looked so weak, how could she defeat James? James is so... weak.

James was curious about Nina. While the girls who were jealous of Nina got very angry. They walked in front of him deliberately to block his sight.

"Go away." James was so impatient that he stood up and pushed the person in front of him away. But Nina had already left.

He couldn't find Nina anymore.

Actually, Nina had already noticed what was going on over there. She was worried that when Michelle saw James, she would lose control of her emotions again. So she found an excuse quietly and took Michelle away.

They went back and separate.

She didn't know what a bad day it was today. First she met John's nephew in the canteen, and now she met her sworn opponent, Isabella.

She was wearing a princess dress and her face was ruddy. Obviously, she recovered well. She smiled and blocked her in an empty corner. "Nina, we haven't seen each other for half a month. How are you recently? I heard that you have made a new friend. "

Isabella had been living a hard life at home for half a month. It took her a lot of effort to recover, but the person who made her suffer was at ease at school and had a good time. It was really annoying.

"Is Michelle blind or stupid to make friends with such a vicious woman?" The smile on Isabella's face disappeared, and her eyes were filled with resentment and anger.

"What do you want to say?" Since Isabella didn't pretend anymore, she didn't have to act with her. She was tired.

"Don't you know what I want to say?" Isabella was so angry but laughed. She couldn't stand Nina's arrogance the most.

Today, she was going to frustrate the morale of Nina, so that Nina would dare to be domineering in the future!

She grabbed the wrist of Nina tightly, wishing to tear up the face in front of her and stared at her fiercely.

"Nina, you don't have to pretend to be innocent. Let's make it clear. Did you find those people to hit me? Did you write that post on purpose? "

Glancing at her red wrist, Nina didn't intend to hit Isabella for the sake of the past relationship.

Otherwise, as long as she exerted a little strength, she would be able to get rid of this princess, who had never done any housework in family.

"There is no enmity between us. Why should I hit you? Why do I do this to you? " Nina pretended to be silly and tried to provoke her.

As expected, Isabella jumped into the trap dug by Nina. She gritted her teeth and said, "because of that perfume and that post. You know everything. Don't pretend!"

Nina's eyes darkened and her heart ached like needles. The result she found out was different from that she heard it from the person concerned, and the latter felt more painful.

Before that, she still remain suspicious.

Now the truth came to light. She had no reason to doubt it.

"What about you? And why did you do that in the dark? " Nina's eyes regained their luster, but this time she was questioning.

Nina grabbed her arm ten times stronger than she did, which made Isabella wince in pain.

"Ouch, it's too painful, too painful...... Don't do like this! Nina, I won't let you go! "

"Let's have a try." It was hard to say who would succeed.

When they were arguing, Isabella saw someone coming here. She immediately came up with an idea and pulled her hand away, slapping herself.


A loud slap sounded.

While Nina was still confused, she heard Isabella crying.

"Nina, why did you hit me?"

Isabella's voice was neither loud nor low, just heard by someone walking in the distance.

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