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   Chapter 16 James

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"No, I didn't see anything." Jason looked away with a guilty conscience, as if he didn't see anything and knew nothing.

Hearing this, John was a little satisfied. Enduring the pain in his head, he straightened his clothes seriously, as if nothing had happened.

He couldn't lose face.

However, he had been extremely angry with Nina. He had made up his mind to find another good opportunity to revenge in the future.

Nina was beautiful, but unfortunately, she had done such a bad thing.

They were somehow similar.

"Do you need to go to the hospital?" As John's brother-in-law, Jason thought he had the obligation and responsibility to take care of John. If something really happened to John, Jason would never have a peaceful day at home.

Then John raised his head and glared at Jason, which made him shut up immediately. Nothing had happened. Why would he go to the hospital?

"Make a mountain out of a molehill." With a cold snort, John reached out his hand and touched his head. It was a little painful. Considering his face, he had to endure it. He felt a sharp pain in his chest.

Enraged, he shouted, "Ask James to come over here!"

"I'll call him." Jason picked up his phone and dialed the phone number of James. "James, John asks you to come to the hotel immediately, right now."

"What?" With a scream and his legs trembling, James tried hard to recall what he had done.

Why did John ask him to see him in such a hurry? Wasn't there anything wrong with the hotel he booked? Gosh! It was known that John would do terrible things when he was furious.

Then, James pushed away the girl in his arms, picked up his coat and ran out of the bar, rushing to the hotel quickly as if he was taking a running race.

The atmosphere in the hotel room became more and more subtle. Outside the window, the neon lights were intertwined, and the heating in the room was sufficient and bright, but the coldness in the heart of John could not be expelled.

John was lying on the sofa, his face livid with rage. His left hand inadvertently touched the beaten part of his body. He looked as if no strangers dared to get close to him.

No, everyone didn't dare to get close to him.

"John, who called you husband in the elevator just now?" The atmosphere in the room was so weird that Jason carefully changed the topic, trying to break the embarrassing atmosphere.

Jason thought of the girl's voice he had heard on the phone. Instead of getting angry, John paused for a moment. Jason was wondering if John might have a crush on the girl.

It might make John feel better?

However, to Jason's surprise, the livid face of John darkened. John slowly turned his head and stared at Jason, which made Jason shiver.

For a moment, Jason was speechless and sat quietly aside.

After a long time, John slowly gritted his teeth and said, "She is the girl you met just now."

Was she the girl who called him husband?

After all, Jason and John grew up together. They had a tacit understanding, and it was not difficult for Jason to understand the meaning of John. Jason couldn't help but whispered, "Who is that girl?"

Jason didn't want to be heard by John, but the room was too quiet, making his murmurs heard by John.

"She was sent to me by James."

"Was she the surprise that James gave you the day you came back?"


"You took it?"


"Did she call you husband?"


"Did she hit you?"

"Yes?" The sudden change of John's tone and the prolonged ending of his voice made Jason's heart beat faster. Jason fawned over him and laughed, trying to cover up his stupid question.

John's face was as pale as the earth again, and the blue veins on his forehead bulged up with the breath of the rough air, like a drum gallopin

g in front of a battlefield. Jason didn't want to involve in his anger, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

But he also mourned for James in his heart.

It seemed that John was going to do something serious to James.

The sound of hurried footsteps came from the corridor. Suddenly, John raised his heads and stared straight at the door. His lips were tightened, and his hands had already quietly clenched their fists.

Jason immediately ran to open the door and sympathetically patted on James' shoulder, who was out of breath.

"I wish you safety." Jason couldn't do anything else.

James was 1.8 meters tall, well proportioned, wearing a casual light-colored suit. He looked neat, but he was wearing a pair of unique doodles shoes on his feet. With oily hair, he revealed a handsome and evil face, making people think that he was the same as a beast in human attire.

There was smell of alcohol and cigarettes. He must have just come out of the bar. Jason wrinkled his nose and couldn't help but take half a step back. 'James is getting bolder and bolder.'

In LC City, Sam had three sons and a daughter. John was the youngest and he was the most valued one in the family.

As for Jason's wife, Jessica Shi, she was the third daughter. The second son was Nelson Shi, who only had a ten-year-old son.

Only the eldest son, Daniel Shi, had a son and a daughter.

James was the eldest son of Daniel Shi. In the past, he was the eldest son of the family, and had high status in the family.

Being spoiled by the whole family, James had always been arrogant and unruly, but he was extremely afraid of John, his uncle.

As long as James met John, James would be obedient like a mouse seeing a cat, not daring to say a word.

Daniel Shi and his wife were smart. Seeing that only John could intimidate James, they handed over James to John for supervision. James was frightened. He had cried, pretended to be sick, run away from home, and gone on a hunger strike. In the end, he still couldn't escape from the supervision of John.

"Uncle Albert, who offended you?" With one hand on the wall, James opened his mouth and panted. He ran so fast that he couldn't worry about his throat after drinking the cold wind. He just hoped that John would tell him what had happened.

Jason didn't dare to speak loudly. He reminded James in a low voice, "Your uncle was hit. A girl did it."

He emphasized on purpose, hoping that James could understand it himself.

"What? Who was hit by a girl?" James stared at Jason in disbelief.

"Your uncle, Albert."

"… Really?" It was a big joke. How could there be someone who dared to do such a thing? She was really brave!

James really wanted to know who this girl was so that he could visit her in person another day.

He asked with a sinister smile, "Did you see it with your own eyes?"

"Almost." Jason looked dejected and unlucky. It would be lucky if he didn't see what had happened. But now, he had seen it with his own eyes. He would definitely suffer a lot in the future.

"Then you will be miserable." With a gloating look on his face, James didn't realize that he would be in big trouble.

"You are even more miserable. The girl who hit your uncle was the one you sent him in the Four Seasons Garden Hotel." Jason looked back gloatingly, mouthed that "take care" and pushed James in.

James was silent.

He felt terrified.

He knew that he had had a big trouble and that he would suffer. His body stiffened and his legs became weak in an instant.

Then, he raised his head and roared to the sky. He only hoped that John could spare his life for the sake of the same origin, and let him live the rest of his life to atone for his sin.

"Why are you dawdling? Come in hurriedly!" John snapped.

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