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   Chapter 15 Let's Run Away

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Michelle, who had been indignant and muttering about catching the man in an affair, was stunned by this scene. For a moment, she didn't know what to do. Although the man in front of her looked like the man she was looking for, he was not the one she wanted to catch.

She grabbed Nina's hand and was about to run away. "It's not him. We've hit the wrong man. James is not that old!"

'Old?' At that moment, John's blood was surging. He was about to spit out a mouthful of blood, and his body was seriously injured.

"The wrong person?" Now it was Nina who was stunned. Why did she hit the wrong person?

'Michelle, are you kidding me?'

With a bitter face, Nina looked straight at Michelle and wanted to know what was going on.

"Really! We really hit the wrong man. I've seen James in the video. They look different!" Michelle explained at a loss, but she couldn't explain clearly.

This man was not easy to deal with.

What should she do?

John sneered. He slowly stood up against the wall. After a few seconds, he finally stood on his feet. "James is my nephew!"

'Are you blind?'

John was standing there. He looked terrible, as if he wanted to grab them hard and crush them into mud like a devil. Michelle felt terrified and hid behind Nina unconsciously.

"What should we do now?"

"You ask me?"

'Then who should I ask?'!

Nina gritted her teeth and tried her best to lower her voice, but she firmly looked at John. She couldn't lose her momentum.

"Run. Let's run away." Michelle was really scared. The man in front of her had a good-looking face, but he always made people feel that he was treacherous, hiding a knife in a smile.

"Run away?" From beginning to end, John's gaze had never left Nina.

'I'm afraid that I have spoiled you too much in the past few days, and you even dare to treat me like this. I must teach you a lesson.

The Zhang family hasn't dealt with her yet. They are not effective at all.'

Nina made up her mind and her amber eyes flashed with shrewdness. Since she had beat the wrong person, she would not regret it.

She didn't need to run away.

Thinking of the video, she took the opportunity to take revenge.

John walked towards Nina step by step. Nina protected Michelle closely, her eyes full of vigilance as she stepped back.

Was she afraid now?

It was too late.

In the quiet corridor, only the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard.

Nina stopped retreating and began to take off her coat, as if she had made up her mind to deal with John.

Michelle was frightened. "Why are you taking off your clothes? You can't sacrifice yourself like this. It's all my fault."

Michelle was so flustered that tears almost came out.

"Shut up!" 'What the hell is she thinking about?'

With great interest, John looked at Nina. A meaningful look appeared on his face, and he couldn't help but sneer. He stretched out his slender hand and played with a wisp of black hair on the temples of Nina.

"Do you think that I will show mercy?"

"It's hard to say who will let go of whom." Nina was about to take off all her clothes, and her eyes occasionally peeped at John.

At the same time, he saw the cunning eyes of Nina and knew her plot. He couldn't help but smile again.

It seemed that Nina was bold enough to beat him again.

John smiled. He liked to play with such people.

Nina threw the clothes she had taken off on his face, and then he waved his arm and firmly grabbed the coat with the scent of her body. He moved aside a little.

Nina stretched her hand, trying to heat John, but she missed the target.


did you know that?" Taking back her hands, Nina glanced at John and frowned.

If he couldn't even make a simple judgment, he would not have had his social status now.

"As long as I want." As long as he wanted, there was nothing he could not do.

But he was really careless just now.

He had thought that, at such a young age, Nina wouldn't dare to really hit him. However, she did hit him.

"Don't talk big." Speaking with disdain, Nina was on her guard.

This man was not to be trifled with.

"The Zhang family is too slow." A deep provocation came out from John's throat, and his eyes were filled with coldness.

Speaking of the matter of the Zhang family, Nina was furious. The lingering fear in her heart had all gone, and she could only think of beating him to death.

When she was about to make another move, Michelle immediately grabbed her hand and said, "It seems that someone is coming."

Michelle just heard the sound of the elevator and the footsteps.

"Someone is coming. We will be in trouble if we don't leave now."

If they didn't run away now, they would be caught and get into trouble.

Nina was extremely reluctant to leave, especially when she saw the condescending look on John's face.

Anyway, she had to wave her fist again. When she was about to raise her fist, she was scolded by a man.

"What are you doing?"

"Damn it! Hurry up and run away!"

It took Michelle great efforts to pull Nina away, and she wanted to escape in a hurry.

"Stop!" With a wave of his hand, Jason grabbed the arm of Michelle and pulled the two back.

Without changing her expression, Nina said calmly, "Let go of me."

Otherwise, she would beat him, too.

Jason didn't expect that the little girl in front of him was so angry that her sharp eyes made him a little scared.

Michelle looked up and was shocked. "Professor Fu?"

Oh my God! What bad luck!

"Professor?" Nina was stunned and discouraged, like a withered little carrot. She was not afraid of John, but she was afraid of teachers.

Since she was a child, she had been afraid of the teachers her family hired for her.

"Run away quickly!" This time, it was Nina who wanted to run away. She asked quietly all the way, "What professor?"

"He is the youngest professor in the College of Literature. I attended his selective course." Michelle looked sad. Today was really a hard day.

He was a professor of the College of Literature. Wouldn't he be able to talk for a long time, just like a monk?

Nina was afraid of being lectured.

She ran faster and left Michelle far behind.

Jason didn't expect to meet a student who knew him. It seemed that these two girls were from LC City University.

But now, John was more important.

When Jason turned around, he saw that John stood still with his tightly knitted eyebrows as if he was going to kill someone. John reached out to touch the back side of his head. Only then did Jason notice that there were pieces of wood on John's head, and that there was broken hollow wood on the ground.

Jason couldn't help smiling. It was the first time that John was defeated.

As for the reason why John suddenly kicked away the broken wood with his feet, it might be that he didn't want Jason to see his discomfiture.

He had always been sensitive about his reputation.


"What did you see?" Hearing the silence around him, John's face darkened. His gloomy voice echoed in the corridor like a ghost, making people tremble with fear.

If Jason dared to say anything more, John would do something to make him suffer from the pain, ten times more.

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