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   Chapter 10 International Hacker

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"Forum?" Isabella opened the website with ease, and the most eye-catching thing was still about Nina.

Seeing that the post ranked number one and the comments, she felt much better and didn't feel so painful.

But the next second, she was stunned.

It was a post titled "Isabella is so poor that she was beaten in the street". This post was getting more and more reading and comments, and it was constantly forwarded. She had become the most popular person in the forum.

"I just like to see her fall in a mess."

"So funny. This must be the real pig!"

"Wow. Will she be disfigured? But it doesn't matter. She's rich and can do plastic surgery."

"Let's clap. I really dislike her. This post really vent my anger."

"Who beat her? They have done an excellent job!"

This post was like the seed of the dark night, nourished by malicious words, taking root and sprouting, spreading around Isabella's limbs, as if it was going to firmly lock her and drag her into the darkness.

"Oh... My face..." Isabella dropped her phone and touched her bandaged face with her trembling hands. She was so angry that she shouted.

"No, that's not me. My face is fine, fine. That's not me..."

All of a sudden, there was a commotion in the hospital.

Because of Isabella's special identity and continuous crying, the medical staff didn't dare to neglect her. They came in a hurry and gave her a tranquilizer.

Such a big scene attracted many people's attention and whisper.

Of course, Nina was also there. She was standing at the end of the corridor. Hearing Isabella's sharp voice from time to time, she felt particularly pleasant.

This was called giving her a dose of her own medicine.

At this time, a watch in her hand suddenly lit up. Nina had a look at the watch and then took a taxi back to her apartment.

Sitting at the table, Nina pressed the watch and stopped the flickering red light. She pressed another button, and the image of a big screen of the computer appeared in front of her.

When she logged in the inner operating system of the forum of the LC City University, the firewall was being attacked and there was even an attempt to plant Trojan Horse. These must be done by a genius in the Department of Computer of the LC City University.

Nina didn't care about it at all. Instead, she read the comments, which were much more unpleasant than the comments on her.

It was not surprising. Those who were hostile to her were either jealous of her face, her figure, or the men who chased after her. With good temper and temperament, she seldom dealt with people, let alone offend others.

However, Isabella was different. She was spoiled by her parents. She was always arrogant and domineering, always scolding and commanding people. Most of the people around didn't dare to be angry or express their feelings. Now it was a good chance for them to scold and vent their anger.

Nina began to feel bored. She went to make a cup of coffee and tasted it slowly. The interface of the firewall suddenly appeared and the red warning logo flashed.

"Hey, I've been waiting for you for a long time." Nina came to her senses in an instant and immediately sat back at the table. Seeing the powerful attacks, she was quite excited. 'LC City is really not simple.'

There were a lot of undiscovered talents.

The other party had tried many ways to break through the defense line, and it only took him one minute to break through more than half of it.

With a smile on her face, Nina was so excited as if she had seen a prey. She didn't make a move casually until the other party was about to succeed.

When he was complacent, the screen suddenly turne

d black. When it was bright again, there was only a red exclamation mark and a special mark.

"Damn it! Who is this guy?" The hacker who was invited by the Fang family suddenly stood up, kicked away the chair and stared at his computer screen in disbelief.

Only then did he notice a string of numbers flowing on the screen, and a line of red words appeared, "When you see this logo, please take a detour."

The tone was very domineering.

Nina, who had succeeded, leaned against the chair, leisurely drank up the remaining half cup of coffee, and then pressed the button on the watch. The interface disappeared, and everything was the same as usual.

In the Time Group, Henry was sitting at his desk and sending an email to the Zhang family. The video that John shot was attached.

As soon as the email was sent successfully, his phone vibrated and a hidden interface popped up. A group, which was usually calm, became active today.

This group was called THO (The Hidden Ones) and it was also an organization.

Henry used to be a hacker. The members of THO were hackers hidden in LC City, whose level was above Level 4. As for himself, he was a hacker of Level 5. He was less competent among them.

Since the group was active, something must have happened. It turned out that everyone was talking about a logo, which was released by Paul, a hacker who was at the same level as Henry. Paul mentioned Henry in the group. But in the THO group, Henry's nickname was Hank.

Paul said, "Hank, come out and have a look at this logo. Do you know it? I got a deal today. I thought it was easy, but when it was about to succeed, I failed. And the guy even left a warning mark arrogantly. It really pissed me off! I tried several more times and found that the guy was an international hacker."

International hacker?

Henry didn't hear that an international hacker had come to LC City. Otherwise, why didn't THO know it? Currently, there were only two international hackers, and both of them were in THO.

Henry sent the logo to the two international hackers and asked them about it. When they saw the logo, their expressions changed. They said that it was best to avoid it and not to conflict with it.

At the same time, they told Henry that the hacker was a rising new star in the hacker world in the past two years, code named elk, whose level was above the highest level of Level 7. This logo was the unique representative of this person. If they saw this logo, they would take a detour. Because...

THO hadn't won her over yet.

Henry sent the news to the group and brought about heated discussion in an instant. They could only worship the person who could make the two international hackers avoid him or her.

Paul said in the group, "Thank you for not killing me and I'll worship you."

Hank said in the group, "When we see the sign of the elk, we'll take a detour."

In this way, without taking a penny, Paul immediately refused the order from the Fang family. He made an explanation. And then he left.

With a serious look on her face, Amelia Fang thought, 'The hacker is an international hacker. What big shot did Isabella offend? The mess this time is not easy to get out.'

'This daughter is really troublesome sometimes, ' she thought.

Isabella was taken back home and asked for leave from the school. Her mother hired the best private doctor to accompany her throughout the treatment.

It was not until Glenn Zhang saw the video in the mailbox that Amelia Fang got some clues. She showed the short video to Isabella and coaxed her in a soft voice, "Isabella, do you know this girl? She took a picture of you being slapped at that time."

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