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   Chapter 9 Wife Is Used For Evil

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She was swollen into a pig that was scarcely recognized.

"Are you okay?" Holding her arm, Nina wiped the dirty water on her face with her sleeve, pretending to concern for her.

"Do you think I'm okay? I will call the police. I will catch them! I'm going to kill them! " Isabella was gnashing her teeth and trembling with anger.

Nina grabbed her phone and persuaded her lightly, "Isabella, you can't call the police. Otherwise, if the news spreads out, you, a princess, beaten up by several playboys in the street. Can you explain it clearly? I'm afraid that it cause a big scandal and your family will be disgraced at that time. "

"Do you want me to give up?" Isabella gnashed her teeth and stamped her feet madly. It seemed that that she was about to fall apart.

"It's so painful. It must be swollen and bleeding." She had never been treated like this since she was pampered all the way. The pain in her body made her feel even more aggrieved.

The point was that they couldn't call the police.

If this matter was really spread out, how could she live in the future?

Isabella stared at the end of the alley indignantly. The hatred blazed out of his eyes. It was so depressing that she couldn't do anything but keep silence.

"It's really painful. I'm going to the hospital."

"OK, let's go."

Holding Isabella's arm, Nina walked to the intersection. When she was about to hail a taxi, she heard a harsh whistle and had a look casually.


Why was he here?

A taxi stopped in front of her. Without thinking too much, Nina sent Isabella into the car. Suddenly she came to reason.


He's here.

"Isabella, I can't go with you. Please send her to central hospital." Nina said to the driver. Nina slammed the car door excitedly.

The previous agreement was about to come to an end.

"Good afternoon, uncle." Nina smiled sweetly.

John had been staring at her all the time. He didn't expect that she would react so quickly, so he looked straight at her and reminded her, "this is the first time."

"Yes." But why was he so active?

So strange.

"Thank you, uncle. We will meet again. Bye." Nina had to go to the hospital to take care of Isabella. After all she should act the play to the end.

More importantly, she wanted to know the reason why Isabella betrayed her.

"What?" John felt depressed "You want to leave?"

However, Nina could no longer hear the last sentence.

Henry nodded, "yes, she has gone"

A friendly warning was always hard to be accepted. John stared at Nina's direction gloomily, as if deep in thought.

He thought it was a college town that he came here with the special intention of meeting her.

However, she had left without any hesitation.

"Stop!" With a cold face, John shouted at Nina who hadn't run far. His stern voice transmission out that made Henry trembled with fear.

Nina hesitated for a moment. Why did this man always like to order her?

His parents must discipline him rigidly in his childhood.

Nina was not stupid and didn't want to talk to him. She just continued on. While there was a cold voice behind her, "you will regret!"


She wouldn't regret at all when she sneaked out of home though she might be locked in a small dark room.

The car behind her revved up, and deliberately drove slowly when the car passed by her. The handsome man who smiled complacently flashed through her eyes.


He stretched out his hand outside the window, holding the phone between his two fingers. He waved his phone, as if a provocation, or a warning.

She took a closer look and found it was a video

Although the car move

d quickly, she saw clearly that the person in the video was her.

Nina was petrified.

Why did he like to record videos so much?

Nina was full of anger and regret that she clenched her fists and thumped them heavily in the air.

After calming down, the Maybach had already gone.

Holding the mobile phone in his hand, John stared at the Nina hiding in the corner of the video. His serious expression softened a lot, "Who was hit just now?"

"Ah...... Miss Isabella from Zhang family. " Fortunately, he made a lot of preparation in his daily life and had recorded all the important and influential people in LC City.

"The Zhang family develops well in recent years. I just came back, so I should give them some gifts." Nina, this is a gift for you.

You are so disobedient.

It's funny when you are angry.

"A gift?" Confused, Henry peeked at the rearview mirror and saw Mr. John staring at his phone with an evil smile.

Henry shocked that he thought of the video that Mr. John had just recorded.


"Copy the video and send it to the Zhang family." He said he would make her regret.

"…… Mr. John? " Think about it! She was your wife! A daughter-in-law was not used for evil!

Henry was in a mess. He really wanted to tell Mr. John who Mrs. Nina was, but Mr. John hated being calculated the most, although it couldn't be seen as scheme. Now Mr. John just thought Mrs. Nina was funny. If he knew it, he would definitely divorce her.

In front of schemes, this little bit of funny was worthless.

What a mess.

What should he do?

"What?" John raised her head and looked at Henry coldly.

Henry shut up, feeling like weeping but had no tears. Mr. John, I'm afraid you'll regret finally.

In the central hospital.

The Zhang family soon got the news and rushed to the hospital to take care of Isabella.

Seeing that she was taken care of and the play was almost over, Nina decided to take care of other things.

Such as the campus forum.

As soon as the parents comforted their crying daughter, Isabella's mother, Amelia Fang received a call from her assistant.

"Mrs. Amelia, something bad has happened. Someone has posted the photos of Miss Isabella being hit on campus forum, and the comments are full of curses. It's only a few minutes before it's on the hottest topics...... "

Her voice trailed off.

"What?" Amelia Fang felt her temples throbbing and her head was about to explode. She hadn't finish her work in the company yet but now everyone knew that his beloved daughter was beaten to hospital.

It was a shame for the Fang family and the Zhang family.

"What a good-for-nothing you are! Find someone to delete the post! "

"Mrs. Amelia, we can't find any information about the poster, and we can't delete the post. We discussed with the leaders to close the forum, but we can't close it..."

The tremulous voice in the line made Amelia Fang even more angry, "you are all good-for-nothing!" It's useless at the critical moment. If you are not good at it, then you find someone who can do it no matter how expensive. "

As long as things could be settled, everything was fine.

Isabella was shocked by her mother's anger. She sobbed and asked, "Mom, what's wrong?"

She worried there was something wrong with the company.

"It's none of your business. Don't use your phone these two days. Your father will be with you. I have something to deal with." Then Amelia Fang walked away after warning her husband.

"Okay." Isabella was confused and ignored her mother's words. After Amelia Fang left, she took out her phone.

Someone reminded her of reading the school forum.

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