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   Chapter 8 Beat Her Up

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It seemed that Albert had guessed it.

"Now that you have found the reason, I will continue to play basketball. This is the farewell match." Albert glanced at Nina and turned around. He stopped again and added, "Well, if you can't deal with this person, I can help you."

As soon as he finished speaking, he opened her mouth and smiled, with only bottomless darkness in his eyes.

Nina looked at Albert with an unreadable expression. Every time she saw his dismissive smile, she would feel numb in her heart.

They once had dinner together. The waiter accidentally spilled the soup on her hand. Albert ordered another bowl of boiling soup with a smile, and then deliberately spilled it on the waiter's hands, which scalded the skin.

When she recalled the past, she looked at Albert in a more obscure way.

She found that she couldn't see through Albert.

Then, she saw Isabella's post. No matter what she said, she never refuted the fact that Nina sold her body for wealth.

Nina could only feel angry in her heart.

Isabella had two forum accounts. She posted anonymous, telling the story of Nina. At the same time, she argued strongly using another account, her real name. She made a good plan.

However, Isabella had underestimated Nina.

Here came the sound of WeChat messages.

Isabella was sending messages to Nina, and comforting her.

For Nina, it was not a comfort, but a trouble.

Nina had planned to delete the post by some means, but suddenly another idea came to her mind. While letting the matter escalate, she asked Isabella out for dinner.

"Isabella, I saw you help me. Thank you. I'll treat you to lunch at..." She sent a WeChat message with a sly smile.

Isn't it just acting?

As if no one couldn't.

She was good at acting.

Nina flipped her hair and took out a small circular mirror with a pattern of an elk. She specially made up and smiled at herself in the mirror. She was indeed beautiful.

After the class, she took her bag and said, "Let's go and beat her."

Following the route given by Nina, Isabella walked with difficulty on an old street in the suburbs, wearing kitten heels and carrying a small bag. There were only some crooked wooden buildings around, and the noise around her ears was loud. Those people were talking in local language, and their loud voice made her headache.

"Why do you come to such a damned place?" Isabella's face turned ghastly pale. From time to time, a child rushed over, with mud and stink all over the body.

It smelled terrible!

Isabella walked impatiently. But for Nina, she wouldn't come to such a shabby place.

Only people from the countryside like Nina were used to eating in such a shabby place.

Nina was hiding in an ambush at the corner, followed by several fierce-looking men, with tattoos on the arms.

"You guys, put a sack on her head and give her a good beating. But don't kill her. I'll give you the money."

"No problem. Let us handle it."

The strong men promised, patting their chests.

Nina nodded with satisfaction and took out her phone to take photos.

A good show was about to begin.

Not far away, a Maybach car stopped. The good show was also watched by others.

"Mr. John, this is the old city that the Li's Group and the Fang's Group have chosen. It has a history of more than 800 years. If we buy this area, we can integrate the ancient and modern culture and make it a tourist attraction."

Sitting in the passenger seat, with several project proposals in his hands, Henry chose the

most feasible one.

"It's a good location. It's not far from the railway station and the airport. There are four subway lines passing by, so the transportation is very convenient. Next to it is a university area, which ensures a large number of customers."

"Mr. John, what do you think about it?" Henry pushed his glasses and turned to look at his boss.

John was looking at a mobile phone, sometimes frowning and sometimes relaxing.

"Mr. John?"

"What? You decide it." John fixed his eyes on the battle on the screen of the phone and had no time to talk to him.

Henry kept silent.

He was not the CEO. How could he make the decision?

Since Mr. John was in high spirits, he didn't want to disturb him for the time being.

With curiosity, he looked in the direction of John and fixed his eyes on the face of Nina who was gloating.

What was she doing?

Watching others fight?

And then Mr. John was watching her?

Sure enough, they were the same kind of people.

"Hmm... Hmm... Help... Help!" Isabella's groan came from the sack.

Those people punched and kicked her. She was unable to speak a complete sentence. She curled up, waving her hands and feet, trying to struggle and resist.

As a beautiful twenty-year-old girl, how could she match those tall and strong men?

Isabella could not fight back.

"Who, who, who are you? Please, please let me go."

No matter how hard she begged, no one answered.

Nina watched the show joyfully.

She had quite a lot of methods to deal with people, and she liked the most direct one, beating.

Since Isabella had slandered her without saying a word, she would beat her up without saying a word in the same way.

It was half even.

All of a sudden, she heard the discussions of several old people. Putting away her cell phone, she stood out and pointed at the group of people. "What are you doing? Stop!"

The men immediately stopped beating Isabella, turned around and took a look at Nina. Then they ran away as fast as they could.

She could get a prize for her acting skill.

"Stop! You want to run away after beating her!" Nina ran over and stopped beside Isabella. She winked at the men and signaled to them to leave as soon as possible.

Isabella was crying. "Nina, help me!" Hearing the voice of Nina, Isabella seemed to meet a lifesaver. With a sack on her head, she was crying.

She looked like a beggar with half of her body in a sack moving on the ground, or like a pig about to be slaughtered.

Nina covered her mouth and almost burst into laughter.

"Isabella, are you okay? I'll get you out right away." Nina squatted down and untied the rope that tied Isabella's arms and waist.

Nina grabbed the top of the sack with both hands, and deliberately pulled Isabella's hair up.

Isabella felt painful. She cried out. "It hurts!" It hurt so much that her face turned pale. She shouted, "Nina, you pulled my hair. It hurts so much. Would you be gentle?"

"I'll be gentle." Nina nodded but deliberately pulled Isabella's hair one more time. She didn't take the sack out until she heard Isabella's howl in pain.

Isabella shouted. She lay on the ground, gasping for breath. Half of her face was covered by her messy hair, and her face was as pale as a dead man's face.

When she finished smoothing her hair and exposed her whole face, it was no longer the original face.

Nina was silent.

A pig?

The corners of Nina's mouth twitched fiercely. Those men had done a good job. She would pay them more money later.

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