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   Chapter 7 Sell Her Body For Wealth

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When she saw Nina sitting there safe and sound, the painful thorn in her heart had been standing there.

"Nina, eat more." Isabella smiled awkwardly.

At this moment, Nina noticed all her expressions which were infinitely magnified in Nina's mind.

As a student of psychology, she had the ability to detect people.

Nina put down the spoon, took out the Pheromone Perfume from her bag and put it in front of Isabella.

Isabella's heart skipped a beat and her expression became nervous. "What's wrong, Nina? Why did you bring the perfume I gave you? "

Did Nina find out anything?

Isabella raised her eyebrows and tightened eyelids. Her jaw was drooping, and her mouth was slightly opening......

She looked surprised and a little scared.

After checking her expression, Nina stared at her quietly, controlling her emotions, and smiled indifferently. "Isabella, I was almost bullied because of this perfume."

This sentence seemed to be a warning for Isabella. She stiffened here. Her body leaned to the left and turned her toes out.

This was the psychological reaction when she prepared to escape.

"Nina, what are you talking about? I don't understand. " Isabella didn't dare to look straight at Nina, fearing that she would find out the truth.

Isabella took a sip of water to hide her nervousness.

"Isabella, when someone lie and feel nervous, her throat will dry." Nina exposed her ruthlessly.

Isabella annoyed slightly and asked, "didn't you say that you wouldn't observe your friends' subtle expressions?"

His eyebrows pulled down, and there were vertical wrinkles between his eyebrows. The distance between his eyes became narrow, and the muscles were tense. His lips were closed into a line, and the corners of his mouth were curving down......

She was angry.

A person would only be angry and ashamed into anger when his intrigue was exposed.

If a person gets angry, it means that you are right.

"Isabella..." You know I hate betrayal.

"Nina, let me explain. I don't know what's going on. I just thought the perfume smelled good, so I gave it to you. How could I hurt you? We are good friends. " Tears were rolling in Isabella's eyes.

Isabella knew Nina well. She was so arrogant just because she looked beautiful that few girls liked her.

Only she was willing to be her friend, so it was impossible for Nina to be really angry or do anything to her.

Besides, there was no evidence that she had something to do with what happened on Friday night?

Thinking of this, Isabella felt relieved. She wiped her tears and explained, "Nina, think about it. If I really did it on purpose, how could I give you perfume? Wasn't I exposed myself to the light of the day? Nina, trust me. We are good friends. "

That sounds reasonable.

If Isabella didn't want to be noticed, she should destroy the evidence.

Nina's expression softened obviously, and they were good friends indeed.

She shouldn't suspect Isabella directly.

"Well, I'm fine anyway." Nina naturally covered up this matter.

Isabella was relieved instantly.

Luckily, nothing happened.

She had to make sure everything went well in the future.

They kept talking and laughing, and then went to different teaching buildings for classes.

Once she was gone, Isabella stopped smiling and looked absolutely livid. After a while, she burst into laughter.

As soon as she sat down in the classroom.

Ding Dong......

Nina's phone rang and it showed that ten thousand had been transferred to her bank account.

Before she figured out what was going on, Isabella called her.

"Nina, bad news! Check the school forum now. Something is wrong."

Nina opened the campus forum and saw the top post, which was extremely eye-catching.


azing! Campus queen Nina sell her body for wealth!

There were two photos on the post. One shown her coming out of the Four Seasons Garden Hotel on Sunday morning, with her clothes disheveled.

The other photo shown ten thousand transfer record of her bank card.

How ridiculous.

However, this post had been forwarded 10000 times in just three minutes.

The students in this classroom seemed to have seen the post, just looking at her with disgust. Girls would go around when they saw her, and some boys even whistled at her frivolously.

In the past, she was arrogant in others' view and few people got close to her. Boys also treated her as a goddess and didn't dare to speak. Now, not only did they whistle, but also flirted with her.

There was a girl who disliked her said sarcastically, "Nina, you don't have to pretend to be lofty. Yon had sold your body. Don't pretend to be innocent. "

"It's my affair. I don't need you to judge me." Nina glanced at her with dignity.

The girl shut up sulkily.

Ignoring the strange gazes and comments around her, Nina suppressed her anger and took out her laptop from her bag.

She opened the website and saw several hot comments.

"Bah, the bitch pretend to be pure and lofty." That's what the most girls think. All kinds of dirty words came out of the mouths of those girls who thought themselves to be well cultivated.

"Only ten thousand for one night? Come with me. I'll give you ten thousand and one. " These were the thoughts of some playboys, attracting a lot of applause, and some girls scolded him for not afraid of illness.

"Hello, I'm a student from the information school. Do you need me to check the IP for you?" This comment was also very popular, not because someone liked it but scolded it.

Looking at the man whose nickname was "what a big dream", Nina smiled and replied, "thank you. But it's a piece of cake to check the IP."

Nina took out the computer and quickly typed on the keyboard with his slender fingers. She looked calm with a faint smile.

"Ok." Within a minute, the IP of the anonymous poster was locked, showing that it was in the school.

The next second, the information of the poster was shown on the screen.


It's Isabella.

At first, she just doubted about the perfume. But now she understood everything. It seemed that she would lose her virginity to any man close to her that night?

Did she do it on purpose? Was she waiting for the photo to be taken there?

Nina was reluctant to believe and checked it carefully. But all the result, even the phone model, pointed to Isabella.

It's true.

Why did she do that?

Like others? Did Isabella hate her because of her face?

For a moment, Nina felt as if she knew nothing.

Suddenly, a gentle voice came to her ears. The sound was very magnetic, as if it was attracted by gravity.

"Feeling sad?"

As soon as Nina turned her head, a person appeared beside her. He was dressed in a white basketball uniform, with a white forehead of cashew nut pattern. The beads of sweat wet his chestnut colored short hair as well as his face.

After playing the ball, he looked tired but still gentle.

Albert Song stretched out his legs, leaned back and put his hands on both sides of the chair, tilted his head and reminded Nina again, "I saw the post."

Nina was depressed not because of these insults, but the person who sent the post.

"What's your expression? You care about it? " He remembered that Nina didn't care about other people's comments. Otherwise, the rumors in the past two years would have already withered her.

"Yes." Nina leaned back and closed the computer. With a sullen expression in her eyes, she said, "an acquaintance did that."

An acquaintance?

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