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   Chapter 6 There Is Something Wrong With The Perfume

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Then he put down his crossed leg and asked coldly, "what's going on?"

He had been abroad for only two years. How could he get married?

"Two years ago, Mr. Sam betrothed you to the girl who had saved him. The girl is your current wife. The marriage certificate was handled by Mr. Sam. He now keeps the marriage certificate."

It was also Sam who told Henry about this after he chose Henry as an assistant. Sam also told Henry not to let John have relationships with other women before he had any feelings for his wife.

Now Nina was the one who made John interested.

So Henry had fulfilled his duty.

With a frown, John drew a conclusion from his gritted teeth, "That's why he sold me."

Henry opened his mouth and wanted to explain, but finally he stopped.

Sam was worried that John would be lonely for the rest of his life, so he wanted to find a wife for him. Sam said that Nina was better than anyone else for John. Henry didn't dare to tell John what Sam had said.

Now he understood why he couldn't find out the information about Nina. Sam might have done something secretly.

At No.1, SQ Road, there was the villa of the Shi family.

As soon as John got out of the car, he walked towards Sam's study and asked, "How do you explain my marriage?"

Sam stopped his writing. He raised his head and looked at John, his youngest son, who looked so energetic, just like him when he was young!

But what was wrong with this guy? The first thing he said when he came back was not caring about his father, but questioning him.

What a bastard!

Sam was stubborn. His son didn't have a good tone, so he didn't have a good word. He said directly, "I'm afraid that no one wants to marry you, so I find you a wife."

No one wanted him?

How could no one want him?

He was the son of the dignified Shi family, the only power holder of the Time Group, the famous Mr. John, and many debutantes were thinking of him.

Just in the past two days, a girl was so fascinated by him.

How could no one want him?

What a joke!

"I want a divorce, right away." He didn't want to marry a woman casually.

If he wanted to marry, he had to marry a woman who was good enough for him. At least she had to be good-looking, just like Nina.

Sam trembled and raised his voice, "How dare you!"

There was nothing that John didn't dare to do.

He didn't take it seriously.

The two had been at loggerheads since the moment they met, which hurt their relationship.

Mr. Jake, who was standing aside and watching, got his brain spinning in high gear. Mr. John had just come back, but he had already made Mr. Sam very angry.

Then Mr. Jake turned around and took out a photo. He handed it to John and stood up to help. "Mr. John, why don't you know her first before making a decision?"

He believed that love was nurtured.

Besides, Mrs. Nina is beautiful and elegant.

Many men would fall in love with such a person, and Mr. John was no exception.

It was said that Mrs. Nina had a lot of lovers in LC City University.

In the photo, it was a side face of Nina. She had delicate eyebrows and smiling eyes. Her skin was fair and warm in the sun. Her hair was casually tied up with a pencil, and a few strands of long hair fell to her cheeks, and even one or two strands of hair were wantonly swept to her lips.

This photo was a little blurry. It was taken inadvertently by someone else. Mr. Jake downloaded it from the Int

ernet and kept it after printing it, so that Mr. John could have a look at it when he knew the girl one day.

But this was the only photo.

At this moment, John's eyes were caught by the lively and spiritual girl in the photo. He was hesitating whether he should take it over and have a closer look

A gust of wind blew. The photo was blown out of the window, floating, and soon disappeared!

Mr. Sam said nothing.

Mr. Jake said nothing.

Even Henry, who was standing beside, quietly looked out of the window at the dark night. The spring wind in March was chilly.

"Oh, what a coincidence!" With one hand in his trouser pocket, John gloated over what had happened.

Sam was so angry that his eyebrows twitched.

This little bastard wanted to piss him off!

"Mr. Sam, this is the only photo." What Mr. Jake said gave Sam another blow, making him almost faint.

Taking a glance at his father, John reached out his hand to him, indicating him to bring the divorce agreement.

"What are you doing? Are you short of money? Why are you asking me for money? " At that time, Sam pretended to know nothing and misunderstood him.

This old man…

So just let him act alone as he liked.

Then John picked up his coat, turned around and left.

"Where are you going? There will be a family dinner tonight. How dare you not be here? " Sam shouted.

"The family gathering was held every month even without me in the past two years. It doesn't matter if I am here or not." With a wave of his hand, he took a graceful step.

"Come back!" said Sam angrily.

"I will come back the moment when you show me the divorce agreement."


After John left, Sam felt disappointed. At the family dinner, everyone just looked at each other and didn't dare to say anything.

It was Monday.

When Nina passed by the dresser, she suddenly thought of something. She stopped and stared at an unopened bottle of perfume.

Isabella gave it to her and sprayed it on her on Friday night.

Nina held the perfume bottle in her hand with her slender fingers and opened it.

Pheromone perfume?

'No wonder that man said I set him up.' Nina narrowed her eyes, threw the perfume into her bag and set off for school.

Coincidentally, she met Isabella in the canteen.

"Nina, how is your weekend?" Isabella asked as if nothing had happened.

In fact, she secretly glanced at Nina from the corner of her eyes.

When she woke up in the morning in the Four Seasons Garden Hotel, she saw Nina leave with messy clothes.

Unexpectedly, her plan succeeded.

Thinking that Nina was no longer a virgin, Isabella felt so happy.

Nina didn't match Albert Song.

"……" Nina stared at the millet porridge in her bowl with an unreadable expression.

She felt something unusual about Isabella.

"I was bullied." Nina said ambiguously and deliberately probed.

Unexpectedly, Isabella stood up and shouted, "What? Are you bullied? What did he do to you?"

Her voice was so loud as if she was afraid that no one could hear her.

The reaction was so fierce.

Isabella's hands began to explore Nina's body, but she didn't see any trace of the man. Her heart sank and felt disappointed.

But she concealed her disappointment quickly.

Nina glanced at her and just smiled. "I've bullied him. I know kung fu. You know that."

Isabella smiled imperceptibly. "Yes, yes!"

How could this be?

Isabella did see Nina in men's clothes.

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