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   Chapter 5 Is Your Husband A Eunuch

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She would set him up?

Nina laughed in anger. She pursed her lips and retorted in righteous indignation, "I said you set me up!"

John just said, "If it weren't for your perfume, how could I spend a night with you, without choosing a better lady?"


Nina suddenly felt a sense of alarm. She narrowed her eyes and said, "John, I didn't do that. Will you believe me?"

Her chin was still in his hand and she felt a little painful.

John looked at her quietly. Sincerity showed in her wet eyes, as if there was magic.

He let go of her, smiled meaningfully, and approached her slightly.

Did he believe it or not?

"John, you know what? I'm married." Nina didn't want to have anything to do with him at all.

"So what?" Of course he knew she was married.

He didn't want to get into trouble at first, but they met again. She came to provoke him.

John's indifferent tone was infuriating. "Do you have this sort of eccentricity?"

Like married women?

He thought about it carefully. It was not before, but now, "I can think about it."

It was rare to see a beautiful woman who could barely stand by his side. At least those women who liked him didn't even meet his demand for appearance.

Nina narrowed her eyes and sensed the threat.

"My husband is not an ordinary man." They could live in the villa, being the only family on SQ Road. It must be unusual.

Reminded by her, John couldn't help but think of the information that Henry had investigated. It was a thin half page and he hadn't found anything useful.

John had just returned from abroad, so he had to avoid trouble.

"So, put me down." Seeing that he was afraid, Nina breathed a sigh of relief. This man was not a good person.

Be away from him. The further, the better.

She couldn't be pestered by another man before she could get rid of her husband, the man she had never met.

She suddenly realized that it might be because of her face. She regretted having inherited all the good genes of her parents.

Because of this face, she had been in trouble a lot.

"Put me down first, okay?" Nina suggested with a smile.

"Not really." Then he raised his head and looked at her with an evil smile. "You married someone else, but your body is mine. Besides, is your husband a eunuch?"


So annoying!

What he said was really annoying!

Henry couldn't stand it anymore. But he could only curse in his heart. He really didn't dare to say it out.

At this time, there was a chill in the car.

It came from Nina.


A loud slap fell on John's face. With red eyes, Nina looked at him resentfully.

She had already comforted herself and decided to forget about it.

She didn't expect him to say something like that.

Henry: …

He was so stunned that he didn't dare to take a deep breath.

John was slapped across the face. His ears buzzed, and then he felt a burning pain, and a trace of fishiness and sweet spread in his mouth.

She was really strong.

"Get out!" Then he squeezed out these two words from his mouth. His face was as dark as the bottom of a pan, and he was like a lion that had been provoked. A fire of anger went straight up his head.

Nina was not afraid of such a person who bullied the weak, but she did not want to continue to stay with him. She simply got out of the car and walked away without looking back.

Just when she left, John stopped her again.

Nina glared back and asked, "Isn't the lesson enough?"

Do you want one more slap?

He would be afraid of a slap from her again?

He would charge interest for this slap.

He wouldn't

do a business at a loss.

"You just want to leave after slapping me. Things don't happen like that in my place. Now I give you two choices. Either stay with me until I let you go, or wait for the video of what happened last night to be spread out." Then he unhurriedly looked out at the frozen Nina.

"You actually took a video?" Nina gritted her teeth and looked back, wishing to kill the man in front of her.

She really didn't know what irritated him in his childhood that made him have these quirks.

"Yes." John was talking nonsense seriously.

Although he disdained to lie, it was not a big deal to lie to a kid.

Nina was so angry that her teeth were chattering, and her eyes were full of hatred.

If the video was spread out, she would not only lose her reputation, but also lose twenty million.

Either of them would do her no good.

Panic flashed through her eyes.

When he saw her pale face and flustered eyes, a joy of victory flashed through his eyes.

"Okay, think about it." He prolonged his voice on purpose. His voice was low and magnetic, like the sound of a violoncello, beating her.

After his beating, Nina came up with another point and provoked back.

"Will spreading out the video be good for you? Can you bear losing your face?"

Henry sighed. Mr. John cared about his face most. Nina just hit the nail on the head.

Now, Mr. John must be at his wits' end?

"It's not good to be too smart." He couldn't lose his face and thought of another way.

Anyway, he had to keep such an interesting kid.

"Now I give you the third way. If you can meet me three times without following me, I will delete the video permanently."

Although LC City was a big city, the kid was very smart. It shouldn't be difficult for them to meet three times, and it didn't matter if they really met. Anyway, the video was to frighten her.

He was worried that they would never meet again. It would be interesting if they met.

"Really?" Nina was dubious.

"Of course." John nodded and Nina fell into the trap.

She thought for a while. He didn't say that she couldn't do it in any other way. As long as she met him three times, he would delete the video. It was not a loss.

Nina raised her head and said, "Okay."

Then she waved her hand, turned around and left.

She walked briskly, unaware that she had been tricked.

She wanted to get divorced as soon as possible.

Thinking that she would divorce, that the video would be gone, and that she would never meet this man again, she was in a good mood.

As soon as she turned the corner, she couldn't wait to turn on her phone. After searching for a while, she found a string of numbers.

She was told that this was her strange husband's private number. She could ask him for help if she was in need.

Now she really wanted to ask this strange husband for help.

"Honey, I'm your wife. Since you haven't fulfilled any of your husband's duties in the past two years, I'm asking for a divorce. Please get the divorce agreement from your father and sign it as soon as possible." After a pause, she sent the message quickly.

Ding dong…

Soon, John received a message.

He took out his phone and looked at the strange number. Then he clicked on it and deleted the inexplicable sentence.

"Are you kidding me? I'm not married at all." John sneered.

Now he was bullied by the frauds.

Hearing this, Henry explained in a hurry, "Mr. John, you are married. It's a secret marriage."

And your partner is Miss Nina, who just slapped your face.

John: …

A secret marriage?

Why didn't he know that?

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