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   Chapter 298 Prince Segavina Is Coming

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Ryan had thought of suicide because of serious depression. Later, Mrs. Carla found it and sent him to the hospital in time, so there was nothing wrong.

The fact that he was suffering from serious depression had never been made public. The domestic top scriptwriter was suffering from serious depression. If this kind of news was spread out, it would definitely cause a sensation.

Ryan smiled and comforted Mrs. Carla, "Mom, don't worry. I will live well."

He had found his fluoxetine. How could he suicide.

Mrs. Carla was finally relieved. Her voice was a little choked. "Well, you can go to the hospital first."

"Okay," replied Ryan


Night fell

In the bedroom of West Mountain Linyu, Cassie was sitting in front of the computer to search documents. Ryan's words still echoed in her ears.

Indeed, she could learn a lot in the crew, but it was useless if she forgot to practice. She was checking if there was any company which needed the script.

There had always been a story in her mind that she wanted to write. 'Let's see how well I have achieved in my study. '. Cassie thought.

"What are you doing in the bedroom again?"

A familiar voice came to her ears. Cassie turned around and saw it was Dylan. She closed the computer with a click.

She smiled and said, "Nothing."

Cassie didn't want others to think that she could only rely on Dylan. She wanted to prove herself, so she didn't intend to let him know now.

"The dress designed by Jean has been sent here. Try it on?" Dylan said.

Hearing this, the corners of Cassie's mouth slightly raised. "Okay."

Dylan held her hands. They walked into the cloakroom hand in hand. There were exquisite dresses hanging in the cloakroom. A flesh pink dress soon came into view.

The soft pink V collar gauze design was dotted with a pattern of purple ornaments. In order not to look monotonous, the two sides of the shoulders were decorated with a bowknot made of light gauze. The three-dimensional embroidery made the who

n with them a few days ago, Simon asked me to confirm the list of friends in the business circle, so Prince Segavina knew it."

Cassie:".. Prince is really capricious... "

Dylan rubbed her head and looked at her, raising his eyebrows. "You don't want them come?"

Cassie shook her head, "No. I just feel unsafe There must be a lot of people at the party. If it gets chaotic, someone will take the opportunity to do something. We can't get rid of it. "

Convinced by her conspiracy theory, Dylan looked at Cassie and said, "Mrs. Lu, don't worry. All the bodyguards in the West Mountain Linyu are graduated from Royal noble school. Vigilance and safety awareness are first-class, and Prince Segavina will also bring people here. "

Cassie smiled awkwardly, picked up the fork and tasted the strawberry, with her cheeks as big as a squirrel.

She burped when she was full. Dylan looked at her with disdain. "Are you full? "

Cassie nodded with a smile, "Yes..."

Taking out a handkerchief from the pocket of his suit, Dylan wiped her mouth carefully and asked, "What do you want the chef to change?"

The corners of Cassie's mouth twitched slightly They are all delicious! "

Holding her hand, Dylan tapped her forehead and said "Stupid. "

He smiled evilly, "Since you are full. Should you exercise to dissipate food?"

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