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   Chapter 297 Ryan's Life Suggestion

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Hearing the gentle voice, Cassie turned around and found it was Carly.

She had just finished shooting. She thought that since Director Haley scolded Sunny just now, she would come back to see Sunny now.

Carly walked up to Sunny and comforted her, "If you don't understand the role or have any doubts, welcome to ask me at any time."

Glancing at Carly, Sunny said, "thank you."

Carly smiled gently, "I used to be the same as you. Only when you feel relaxed can you get ready to act. "

Cassie admired Carly even more. She had a high position in the entertainment circle, but it was rare for her to be so friendly to the new comers.

It was not until then that Cassie remembered one thing. She said to Sunny, "By the way, I have something to tell you. You can come to the West Mountain Linyu to have fun in a few days."

Then Sunny realized that it was Cassie's birthday She curled her lips and said, "I know. I'll come."

With a smile, Cassie said, "Okay, I'll wait for you."

After a long silence, Sunny finally took the script and walked into Carly's nanny van.


After lunch

When Cassie was taking a nap in the lounge of the crew, she received a call from Ivy.

She slid the answer key and asked, "Hello, Ivy. What's up?"

Pursing her lips, Ivy smiled and said, "Cassie, do you have time to go back to school? I have something to tell you. "

Cassie checked the schedule. The filming wouldn't start until four o'clock in the afternoon. Since she was free, she decided to go back.

She nodded, "Okay, wait for me at the south gate."

Ivy nodded. Cassie hailed a taxi from the crew to C University. As expected, Ivy was waiting for her. She greeted, "Ivy."

When Ivy saw Cassie, she came to her senses and handed the thing in her hand to Cassie. She smiled and said, "Here, this is a gift for you. Happy birthday to you in advance..."

It was a well packed box. Cassie opened and took a look. It w

script, which was not good for her development.

After listening to Ryan's words, she thought for a while and said with a smile, "I see. Thank you, Ryan. "

Hearing her words of gratitude, Ryan's face suddenly darkened for a moment. He teased, "Is there only "thank you" ?"

Cassie didn't understand what he meant Do you want a gift? "

What gift do you want?

Ryan kept silent for a while and laughed. "Nothing. Just cheer up. I'm your teacher. That's what I should do. "

When the car arrived, Cassie pursed her lips and said, "Then I'll see you on Saturday."

Ryan smiled and nodded. Looking at Cassie in the car, he smiled bitterly.

Perhaps, it was a good choice to support her silently and accompany her to grow up.

Mrs. Carla called Ryan and he answered, "Mom."

When Mrs. Carla received his call, she sighed and said, "Ryan, the doctor called me today. He said he didn't find you. I was so scared. Where are you? "

Today was a regular day for psychological guidance. At that time, Ryan's phone was out of power, so he didn't answer the phone.

After a moment of silence, he said, "Nothing. It's just that my phone is out of power. Don't worry. I'll be fine. "

Mrs. Carla said sincerely, "Ryan, you are the only son of your father and me. Please don't..."

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