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   Chapter 295 I Prepared These Not To Make You Cry

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Dylan squatted down, picked up the gift box and looked at it. On the pink rose packing paper, there was a note with familiar handwriting. Cassie knew it.

It was a paragraph written by Dylan. "Cassie, it's a pity that I wasn't lucky enough to take part in your life before you were 22. But from the age of 23, I'll take part in every birthday and every moment of your life. ——Dylan. "

Cassie opened the box. There was a pair of very small silver bracelets, and there was a piece of paper inside, happy birthday for your one year old.

When she read the note, countless emotions surged out from the bottom of her heart, and finally turned into warm tears.

The path covered with rose petals went straight to the door, Cassie walked on it. Along the way, there would be a gift box every few meters. There were 22 gift boxes on the whole road, but 45 gifts.

Cassie had lost the ability to speak. The numerous emotions in the bottom of her heart turned into tears.

Looking at her tearful eyes, Dylan reached out his finger and wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes carefully. He held up Cassie's face and said, "I prepared these not to make you cry."

Cassie threw herself into Dylan's arms and tried her best to hold back her tears, but she couldn't hold them back.

She sobbed and asked Dylan, "Why did you suddenly do this..."

Holding her in his arms, Dylan smoothed her back and said, "Because I said that I would make up for what they didn't give you."

Maybe God was fair. She was abandoned by her parents when she was five years old, but she met Dylan who would dote on her when she was twenty-two.

It turns out that God will give you something you lost in another way.

Sniffing, Cassie asked Dylan with red eyes, "Do you know what it means to walk on the flower road?"

She walked on the roses all the way here. She was curious whether Dylan knew what it meant.

Dylan held her face in his hands and looked at her deeply. His black eyes reflected Cassie's figure. His gentle voice sounded above Cassie's head,

the light was on, it could be seen that the design of the hidden room was very attentive. The wallpaper, with various colors of patterns, was very classical, revealing a heavy sense of history.

Under the warm light, something had been put in the glass cabinet. It was the key buckle she gave to Dylan before.

Carter brought up the packing box downstairs. Standing at the door of the hidden room, he smiled and said, "Cassie, these gifts. Do you need me to put these gifts here for you? "

Cassie shook her head with a smile, "Send it to the room first."

There were so many gifts that she didn't have time to open them all. She wanted to keep them until tomorrow and open them slowly. She was really tired after playing for a whole day.

The corners of Dylan's mouth lifted into a smirk. "Send them there."

Cassie jumped into Dylan's arms. Dylan looked at her with a frown and reached out his hands to rub her hair. "Are you tired?"

She leaned against Dylan's shoulder and said, "HMM..."

Dylan kissed her hair and said, "Good girl."

After entering the master bedroom with Cassie in his arms, Cheryl cleaned her pajamas. Dylan said to Cheryl indifferently, "You can go out."

Of course, Cheryl knew what Dylan meant. With a subtle smile, she turned around and walked out.

In the bathroom, the room was just full of ambiguous atmosphere.

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