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   Chapter 294 Your Birthday Is Coming

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The manager smiled and said, "Everything is ready."

Cassie was confused. Looking her like this, Dylan smiled and said, "Don't worry. I won't sell a fool."

Cassie pursed her lips and there was smile in her eyes, "Humph! You won't! "

Seeing this, the manager also laughed. He said, "Do you need me to show you the way?"

"No, thanks," said Dylan flatly

Sometimes, two people were more suitable.

The manager nodded and said, "If you need any help, please let me know."

"Okay," answered Dylan. He took Cassie's hand and went down to a tunnel. After entering, Cassie began to marvel.

The restaurant was less than 6m above the sea level. The outer layer was transparent plexiglass, and the walls were completely made of glass. Through the arc-shaped roof, one could see the view of the sea.

The restaurant was surrounded by colorful corals, and all kinds of marine creatures shuttled back and forth between the corals.

It turned out that he wanted to take her to the restaurant under the sea. Cassie was a little moved. That was why he came here.

She looked at Dylan and asked, "You Why did you prepare this for me? "

'what a fool!' Dylan thought and smiled.

He looked at Cassie seriously, " You even forgot your birthday. Weren't you a fool? "

Cassie was stunned for three seconds and then remembered that it was true! Her birthday was coming

Looking at her, Dylan said, "I'll prepare a birthday party for you in the West Mountain Linyu in a week."

The corners of Cassie's mouth were rising uncontrollably. She raised her head and looked at the sea above her. "What about now?"

"Now, it's a date."

Cassie's eyes were shining, and the name of the light was called happiness.

Dylan looked at her affectionately. The party was so noisy that they didn't even have a chance to stay together for a while. So it was an early date for them to celebrate her birthday alone.

In the huge space, there were only Dylan and Cassie left. Cassie looked at Dylan quietly, and the warm breath of the room, like spring, quietly flowed.

The ma

igh heels and walked barefoot on the cobblestone path. Dylan felt it was not strange for her to do this.

The cold incandescent light fell on her body, and all of a sudden, the surroundings fell into darkness. Confused, Cassie grabbed Dylan's hand and asked, "Are you okay, capitalist?"

She still remembered that when the electricity was cut off for the first time in the West Mountain Linyu, Dylan held her hand tightly subconsciously, so she learned to hold his hand in the first time in the darkness.

However, since she was with him, Dylan had no sequela, because she was his best medicine.

Holding her hand, Dylan comforted her, "I'm fine."

The light was only dimmed for three seconds, and then countless red candles were lit up one after another, covering the whole path made of rose petals.

The street lights around were also replaced with small colorful lights, which flashed with a warm yellow glow. It looked like the stars in the sky. Cassie looked at Dylan in astonishment.

With a smile, Dylan said, "Go and have a look."

All of a sudden, the honey jar in Cassie's heart was overturned, and her heart was filled with sweetness and softness. She walked forward step by step on the path covered with petals.

The dim candle light was flickering. With Dylan's company, she walked forward step by step. On the flower road, many gift boxes were packed!

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