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   Chapter 293 Help! Dylan!

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A mischievous look flashed across Dylan's eyes.

Someone came to check in and Cassie handed the ticket to the staff. She took a deep breath and recited the core values of the society in her heart.

'It's okay. Cassie, you can take it as a way to relax. The successor of the society was not afraid of these!' Cassie thought. !

As soon as she entered, Cassie felt a chill on her back. It was more exciting than lying in front of Dylan and being scolded by him!

A gloomy whine came from her back. The timid girl had been frightened to sit on the ground and cry.

"Help! Help! There is ghost!"

Cassie was already full of anxiety. She grabbed Dylan's tightly and pinched him. Dylan frowned and looked at Cassie. "Didn't you say you were not afraid just now?"

With a sad face, Cassie held Dylan tightly and looked around the room vigilantly. "When did I say that? I didn't say that! I'm so scared, capitalist! ! I shouldn't have come! !”

All of a sudden, Cassie felt a chill on her ankle and neck. She forgot to think. Out of instinct, she screamed, "Help! Help! Dylan! ! Someone wants to catch me! "

Someone grabbed her feet!

Hearing her scream, Dylan's eyebrows twitched and he kicked the staff's hand away.

The next second, she jumped into Dylan's arms like a little monkey and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly, fearing that Dylan would throw her away. She was so scared that tears were about to come out.

Dylan heartbeat was steady and powerful. Cassie could hear his heartbeat Seeing Cassie like this, Dylan smiled with satisfaction and said in a gentle voice, " Idiot. "

You were afraid. Why did you come here? What a fool!

His tone rose slightly, with a smile as if a trick had succeeded. Cassie was so frightened that tears were about to come out. She sniffed and choked, "It's really terrible! How dare you scold me? "

In the following way, Cassie was carried out by Dylan all the way. After staying in the dark environment for a long time, she suddenly saw the sun and felt a litt

waist. She turned her head and looked at Dylan in astonishment.

A gentle voice sounded in her ears again, "I have done everything ridiculous with you."

All of a sudden, Cassie felt as if a tiny stone had fallen on the surface of a calm lake, causing ripples on the surface.

Cassie closed her eyes. The sun shone on her body. She opened her arms and saw Dylan holding her waist tightly. When she opened her eyes slightly, Dylan's warm thin lips came up to her.

Cassie's heart was stirred and Dylan's hot breath fell on her face. Her mind went blank and she forgot to think. She cooperated with Dylan's each movement.

In the distance, the coast went farther and farther, leaving only the white curves made by the cruise ship.

About two hours later, they arrived at their destination, an island. The scenery on the island was beautiful. The manager had been waiting for Dylan and Cassie at the dock. Seeing them coming, he hurried forward and greeted, "Hello, Mr. Dylan and Mrs. Cassie."

Holding Dylan's hand, Cassie looked around and asked, "What on earth do you want to do?"

Looking down at her, Dylan said flatly, "Of course we are here for dinner."

Cassie: "..."

Just for a meal, they specially took a private cruise for two hours? ! Obviously, Cassie did not believe it!

"Is everything ready?" Dylan asked the manager

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