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   Chapter 291 Of Course My Husband Is More Attractive Than The Movie

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 7314

Updated: 2020-09-22 00:04

Cassie nodded with a smile. The shooting went smoothly this morning. After all, Carly was an experienced actress, and every section of the shooting was finished just one time. Everyone was happy too.

Therefore, the director agreed with Cassie's request.


The B.S mall was bustling with people

Holding Shirley's hand, Cassie whined, "Shirley, have you made up your mind? By now, we have already arrived at the fifth floor, and have seen all kinds of big brands. Have you really made up your mind? Which gift do you want to buy?"

Sitting down on a bench by the road, Shirley said with a smile, "I came here with you because I had no experience Don't try to run away! "

Cassie said, "Do you know why grandma likes m

te their relationship. After sending them to Germy, I came back on the pretext of something else. If she calls me now, she must have something to tell me! "

Disbelief was written all over Dylan's face. Holding him in her arms, Cassie kissed him on the lips and held his hand, acting like a spoiled child. "Well, don't be angry."

The expression on Dylan's face softened a little. Cassie took her phone and wanted to get out of bed. Dylan held her waist, "Answer it here."

Cassie smiled, "Okay, I won't answer the phone behind your back, okay?"

After saying that, she picked up the phone and slid the answer key on the screen. "Hello, Shirley. Why are you calling me so late? Did you get along well with Mrs. Diana? "

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