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   Chapter 290 Shirley Met Her Mother-in-law

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Ivy lifted her lips and was about to say something. But before she could say anything, Dylan said, "Because Miss Ivy wants to leave. She came and asked me to send her back."

Hearing this, Cassie frowned and looked at her. "Why do you say you want to leave again?"

Ivy didn't expect that Dylan would bring it up.

"I, I didn't mean that. I'm here to apologize to Master Lu. I shouldn't have broken into your room yesterday. "

Perplexed, Cassie asked, "Really?"

She nodded and said to Cassie with a smile, "I will stay with you until you recover."

Cassie breathed a sigh of relief, "Don't say that you will leave in advance again."

Shirley had to deal with the business of her studio. Recently, Flora was a little busy with her bookstore, and only Ivy could accompany her.

Ivy nodded, "okay. Then I won't disturb you. "

Cassie nodded. Then Ivy left the study.

After returning to the bedroom, she dried her hair and asked Dylan, "Capitalist, I suddenly found that Ivy seemed to be right..."

Hearing this, Dylan frowned and asked, "What is right?"

Cassie sighed and said, "You don't like Ivy, and I can see that. You didn't treat her well just now. Even Cheryl, you didn't treat her that way. "

What did Ivy say to her?

Dylan raised his head and looked at her. "Isn't it good? If I get closer to any woman, you will feel sad and stay at home alone. "

Cassie chuckled and shook her head. "I didn't mean that."

She wouldn't mind having a normal relationship.

Dylan said, "I'll ask Leon to come here later and check on you."

Cassie nodded with a smile. "I can't stay at home either. I want to join the crew."

All of a sudden, she saw a lovely girl on her phone. She handed the phone to Dylan and said with a smile, "What? You want to have a daughter again?"

Taking a glance at the little girl in the video, Dylan asked with a smile, "Do you like girls very much?"

Cassie nodded with a smile, "of course. Girls are lovely. What about you? Do you prefer girls or boys?


Cassie shook her head, "No, I'm not. I just feel that when I'm forty-two years old, I will be very happy to have half of the self-discipline and temperament of Sister Carly!"

Shirley sneered, "It's a required course for women. You are only 23 years old, but you think about it now? It's too early! "

Shirley paused, took a sip of her milk tea and said worriedly, "Cassie, Thomas said he would take me to see his mother tomorrow. I'm a little nervous."

Hearing this, Cassie smiled and said, "Don't worry. Mrs. Diana is nice and easy to get along with. Last time when I attended an activity in the botanical garden, I was mocked by others. And Mrs. Diana helped me! "

With a smile on her face, Shirley didn't know what gift she should give to Mrs. Diana. She whispered in Cassie's ear, "I have something to ask you!"

Cassie asked curiously, "What's the matter?"

Shirley said, "It's my first time to see Mrs. Diana. I don't know what gift I can give her. You are a married woman, and grandma likes you so much. You must be experienced! Can you go to the B.S with me to pick up a gift for Mrs. Diana this afternoon? "

Cassie sneered, "I'm thinking what's it. I see. No problem. Just ask for a leave. "

Putting her palms together, Shirley looked at Cassie and said, "Thank you! I'll treat you to dinner someday. "

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