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   Chapter 289 Why Should I Answer You

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Cassie smiled, "No, I won't."

She had told Dylan that she wouldn't quarrel with him. It was not worth arguing with him for others.

After breakfast, she turned around and walked into the cloakroom. With the help of Ivy and Cheryl, she cleaned out all the clothes that had been out of season and out of date in the closet.

After the cleaning, Cassie breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm too tired. How did you buy me so many clothes? If I were you, I would have my eyes blurred."

Cheryl smiled, "Don't say that. I didn't pay for them. I thought they are good after I watched a show, so I packed them for you. The money was paid by the CEO. "

After lunch, Cassie took Cheryl and Ivy to play the card game 'Fight the Landlord' with her. Cassie might not be able to play mahjong, but she had never lost in the game of 'Fight the Landlord'.

Cheryl and Ivy suffered a crushing defeat. When Dylan came back, Cassie was very happy. She smiled and said, "Capitalist, you're back."

Cheryl breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Dylan. She smiled and said, "Mr. Lu is finally back. If you don't come back, I'm afraid my salary this month will be won by Mrs. Lu!"

Hearing this, Dylan turned around and looked at Cassie who was with a smug face. He smiled and said, "How much did you win?"

Cassie smiled, "Don't listen to Cheryl's nonsense. I'm not an unscrupulous capitalist. It's only one dollar for a round. How could you go bankrupt? "

Ivy was still a student. If she really asked for an exorbitant price, what if she made Ivy's living expenses run out?

Hearing the words "unscrupulous capitalist", Dylan's face darkened. "Unscrupulous capitalist?"

He said these words almost word by word. At this moment, Cassie realized that she had said something that she shouldn't have said. She quickly covered her mouth and smiled awkwardly, "I said nothing."

Dylan flicked her forehead and said Huh! "

Ivy said, "Master Lu, will you join us?"

After casting a cold gla

at him directly.

"Why should I answer you such question like why do I hate you. Besides, you should feel sorry for wasting my time. "

The value of a single minute Dylan earned was calculated as ten million dollars. This kind of boring question Ivy asked was a waste of his time.

He asked Ivy to stay in the West Mountain Linyu for fear that Cassie would be bored at home. If Ivy had some thoughts that she shouldn't have, Every word of Dylan made Ivy nervous, her heart beating fast. Dylan dialed the number and said, "Carter, Miss Ling wants to leave. Ask someone to prepare a car to send her back."

Carter replied.

As soon as Ivy heard that Dylan was going to send her away, she panicked and said, "I I didn't mean that. "

After taking a shower, Cassie went to the study. As soon as she arrived at the door, she heard Ivy's anxious tone.

She picked up the bath towel and wiped the water off her hair. Frowning, she looked at Dylan and asked, "What's wrong, capitalist?"

Seeing her coming, Dylan smiled and walked to her side. He took the bath towel from her hand and wiped the water beads for her. "Why don't you use a hair dryer?"

Cassie smiled. Her eyes was like crescent moon, "Because I'm waiting for you."

Noticing that Ivy was also here, she asked curiously, "Ivy, why are you here?"

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