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   Chapter 160 I'll Buy You Something Delicious

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On the second day, when Cassie woke up, it was already bright.

It was rare that Dylan didn't get up early. When Cassie woke up, she saw him still beside her. Her face flushed and she stammered, "Why... Why didn't you go to the company? "

She grabbed the quilt and stepped back. Looking at her with interest, Dylan asked, "Are you shy? Why are you blushing? "

Cassie pursed her lips, puffed up her cheeks, gritted her teeth and said, "No, I am not. It's just a little hot."

Dylan raised his eyebrows with a smile, "Hot? Let me help you... "

"Ah, ah, ah, you bastard!"

Cassie was so shy that she got into the quilt and covered her head directly.

'Humph! What's wrong with Dylan? Why is he so fond of flirting with me?'

Dylan looked at her with amusement and reached out to pull her quilt. Of course, Cassie refused. She was naked!

After Dylan pulled the quilt for two times, Cassie was tightly pulled and refused to come out. It was stuffy under the quilt. She said in a sweet voice, "You, you go out..."

Dylan coaxed her, "Are you stupid? It's summer now. Don't you feel uncomfortable under the quilt? "

With a burning face, Cassie said, "If you really care about me, you can go out first."

To her surprise, Dylan nodded and said, "Okay, I'll go out."

Hearing this, Cassie asked suspiciously, "Really?"

Dylan didn't answer her question, but told her with actions that he would leave. He walked to the living room and shouted, "Come in and clean up."

Hearing this, Cassie jumped out of the quilt in an instant. She looked at the trash can and her face turned even redder. "Ah -- don't come in!"

The servant looked at Dylan hesitantly. He just wanted to make fun of her. How could he allow others see her lovely and attractive appearance?

"Go downstairs," said Dylan coldly.

The servant nodded, Dylan turned around and walked in. There was air conditioner in the room, but after being stuffy in the quilt for a while, Cassie's face had turned red.

Frowning, Dylan looked at her and said,

rse I won't get tired of delicious food. Just like handsome Dylan, whom I won't be tired to look to. "

Cassie's flattery pleased Dylan. He pinched her face and said, "You're finally right."

"Is there any reward?" asked Cassie.

Glancing at her expectant face, Dylan said after a long while, "I'll buy you something delicious."

Cassie leaned against Dylan's chest and said excitedly, "I know my husband is the best for me."

Dylan stroked her head and pulled her into his arms. "I'll be happier if you behave like this every day."

Cassie pouted with dissatisfaction, "What's wrong with me?"

After arriving at the supermarket, Cassie pushed the shopping cart upstairs. When she reached the goods shelf, Dylan helped her push the shopping cart. All she needed to do was to throw the snacks into the cart.

More than 10 minutes later, Cassie looked at the snacks in the shopping cart with satisfaction and said, "Well, you can pay the bill now."

Frowning, Dylan asked, "That's all?"

Cassie felt strange and pouted, "They are a lot. What's wrong?"

Without answering her, Dylan took her hand and walked to the shelf on the other side. He picked up a few bags of dried fruit and threw them into the shopping cart.

Cassie smiled and was in a good mood all of a sudden. She chuckled and said, "Aren't you afraid that I will get fat?"

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