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   Chapter 156 We Have Mine At Home

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Shirley said, "It's worth at least ten thousand. The price is decided by the grade of the cosmetician and the ingredients in the skin care products. Miss Song is the chief of CHLITINA. She made skin care products herself. I heard that the set of skin care products for Jasper's stepmother was about one hundred thousand."

What the fuck?! At least ten thousand?! The small box of 40 milliliters of skin care products she applied before sleep every day was worth at least ten thousand?!

Hearing this, Cassie opened her mouth wide in surprise. Her chin was about to fall, and she was petrified.

She quickly found out the list that Cheryl had given her before. "Have a look at this?"

Shirley took the paper and read it carefully. She said to Cassie, "I... Go and buy an insurance for your face."

Cassie asked, "How much..."

'How much is it? Shirley tells me to buy an insurance! !

Shirley said, "I don't know anything else. I just know that the Royal Black Pearl is very expensive. I don't know the specific price, but I used a skin care product with the Royal Black Pearl before. The price of 40 milliliters is 5880. If it's also customized, it's worth about ten thousand with Miss Song's brand."

Cassie was even more petrified.

Damn it! No wonder it was so easy to use. If the skin care products worth ten thousand were not easy to use, she would sue CHLITINA for cheating customers!

She had used two or three bottles since the new year. If it was calculated as ten thousand dollars per bottle... That's thirty thousand.

Dylan was such a spendthrift. How could she buy so many international brands with thirty thousand! She just changed three bottles of skin care products of 40ml?!

No way! She decided to teach Dylan a lesson when she got home!

At night

After taking a shower, Cassie sat on the sofa and looked at Dylan seriously. "Capitalist, I have something to tell you."

Frowning, Dylan asked, "What's wrong?"

Cassie said, "Don't ask Miss Song of CHLITINA to prepare skin care products for me. 40 millili

gentle voice was like the best hypnotist. The pain in her belly disappeared little by little with his gentle voice.

Outside the window, the clouds were drifting away.

On the other side, in a hotel in T City, Nicki had ended today's show. The agent had other artists to take care of, and she was accompanied by her assistant into the elevator.

As soon as she walked out of the elevator and walked into the corridor, she saw a furtive figure leave the elegant room of Betty. It looked like a man.

Seeing that, Nicki frowned slightly. In surprise, she pointed at the figure who had left and said to her assistant, "Summer, do you think that person looks like Abel?"

The assistant looked in the direction that Nicki pointed. She was also surprised and covered her mouth. "It seems so..."

She muttered, "Is it really like what I saw on the forum before?"

Was Betty dating with Abel?

"It seems that Miss Nicki is very free. Does it have anything to do with you who I am with?"

A familiar voice came from inside, followed by a pair of slender legs. Betty was wearing a pajama, and her hair was disheveled. But her eyes were full of hostility and warning.

She had a strong aura, which could be sensed only by her eyes.

There was a lady's cigarette between Betty's index finger and middle finger. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Nicki.

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