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   Chapter 155 We Have Ample Time

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 6699

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It was better for them to give birth to a baby themselves than let her hold the cat every day.

Cassie's face was burning hot. She stuttered, "I... I'm still young. And I'm afraid of pain. "

"But I'm not young anymore," said Dylan.

Seeing Cassie kept silent for a long time, Dylan gradually took his hands back, "... Forget it. I won't force you. "

All of a sudden, Cassie reached out and grabbed the sleeves of his pajamas. "I... I never thought that I would get married at the age of twenty-two... "

She didn't go on, but Dylan knew what she meant.

She had never thought of getting married at the age of twenty-two, which meant she had never thought of having a baby at this age.

After a long time, Dylan held her tightly and closed his eyes, sighing slightly. "I know."

Afraid that he would be angry, Cassie asked tentatively, "Are you angry?"

Dylan kissed her hair and said, "Don't think too much. Go to sleep."

His tone was not cold or warm, but unable to be read. Curling her lips, Cassie asked unwillingly, "Tell me first. Are you angry?"

She was afraid that Dylan would get angry, and she didn't want him to get angry.

Dylan opened his eyes and whispered in her ear, "We have ample time."

The corners of Cassie's mouth lifted into a smirk. All of a sudden, Dylan got on her, "But... I will try my best. "

Cassie's face was burning. Before she could say anything, Dylan kissed her passionately.

In the dark night, only the bright moonlight shone into the master bedroom of West Mountain Linyu, and a group of lingering figures were covered by clouds.

When Cassie woke up on the second day, she was about to fall apart. Dylan went out early as usual. She felt much better after taking a shower and sat in the bedroom to make up.

She was usually very lazy at home. She would just wear lipstick at most. She would only makeup when she went out. This was the most basic respect for people.

Cheryl came in and said to Cassie, "You have two things to do t

homas. He likes Western food. My ability to cook Western food is barely satisfactory. "

After hearing this, Shirley said, Even so, you are better me who knows nothing."

After dinner, Shirley went into the bedroom and took out a set of skin care products for Cassie. "Here you are, this is my gift for you."

Cassie took it with a smile, and then Shirley asked her, "Cassie, what skin care products are you using? They smell good and special."

Cassie curled her lips and said, "I don't know. The capitalist disliked my skin care products before, and then asked Cheryl to take me to Chlitina."

"Can you tell me the name? I'll try it if it works," Shirley added.

Cassie relied, "Well, it's good, but I don't know what brand it is. I heard from Cheryl that it seems to be the skin care product made by their chief Miss Song for me..."

Hearing that, Shirley was shocked and said enviously, "Cassie... Rich woman, hugged me! "

Confused, Cassie asked, "What's wrong?"

With a dark face, Shirley continued," ... You know what? I only have Chlitina's membership card. Do you know the starting price of their customized skin care products? "

Cassie knew that Chlitina had a high threshold to receive customers, but she didn't know much about the price of their customized skin care products.

She asked, "How much?"

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