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   Chapter 153 Unexpected Discovery

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 7193

Updated: 2020-07-18 00:02

Cassie got off the treadmill, took a sip of water and nodded, "Of course I want to see it."

Then she went back to the bathroom and took a shower before returning to the bedroom.

After the exercise, Cassie feel refreshed. She sat in front of the computer and Cheryl put the copied documents into it. She introduced to Cassie, "Through the system's screening, this are some places you went yesterday, and the full day videos of those places are here."

Cassie nodded and exclaimed, "It sounds a little high-end."

"It's all because you complained that your bracelet was lost. Mr. Dylan wanted Simon to check it, but he was afraid that you would be too worried, so he let you see it yourself." said Cheryl with a smile.

After taking a sip of coffee, Cassie fixed her eyes on the screen. An hour later, her eyes began to ache. Cassie yawned and said, "There were so many people..."

As soon as she finished her words, Cheryl was attracted by a man in black peaked cap and white T-shirt. With her eyes wide open, she quickly pressed the pause button and said, "Cassie... I seem to see an acquaintance. "

Cassie came close to the computer. Cheryl made a screenshot and enlarged it. She pointed at the girl on the screen and said, "Is this... The fans leader who told us they couldn't arrive in time because of the traffic jam yesterday? !"

Cassie looked at the T-shirt man on the screen and tried to search for something in her mind. "Cheryl, have you seen this man before? He looks familiar. I just can't remember where I have seen him. "

Soon, it popped up in Cassie's mind, "He is the assistant of Betty!"

Cheryl also came to her senses. She immediately said, "Yes, yes, he is Betty's assistant!"

It was strange. The fans leader told Cheryl that they was stuck in a traffic jam and couldn't come in time. Cheryl took a look at the call log and checked the time on the upper right corner of the monitor. There was only one minute difference!

With a sneer, Cassie said, "It's so funny. Can this fans header teleport? At two ten in the afternoon, she told me that she was stuck in a traffic jam but appeared in the mall at two elev

y. By the way, how are you going to take the bracelet? "

Cassie turned to look at Cheryl and asked, "... Can't she just send it directly to the West Mountain Linyu? "

Cheryl's face darkened, "No."

West Mountain Linyu was like a royal palace. It covered a large area, and there were many bodyguards at home. Moreover, a pass was required to enter the West Mountain Linyu!

Because there were always people who wanted to pay a visit to Dylan before. They came too frequently. It was obvious that they wanted to curry favor with Dylan. Of course, Dylan didn't want to talk to them, so he made a rule and stopped them if they don't have a pass.

In fact, the main reason why Cheryl didn't allow her to send it here was that the West Mountain Linyu was too far away! Normally, it would take about an hour for a private car to go out, let alone come in.

Cassie sighed, "Fortunately, I'm not keen on shopping on the Internet, or I'll cry to death now. I'll talk to Flora. Let her send it to Flora's bookstore and I will fetch it some other day. "

Cheryl nodded, "Then I'll leave the address of the Flora's bookstore."

Cassie nodded. As soon as Cheryl walked out, Cassie received a call from Shirley.

As soon as she pressed the answer key, she heard the cheerful voice of Shirley from the other end of the phone, "Cassie, have you seen the Hot Topics?"

After a short pause, Cassie asked, "What's on the Hot Topics?"

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