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   Chapter 148 I Am So Worried About You

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Ryan explained slowly, "You misunderstood me. I have always treated her as an ordinary friend. Besides, it was my mother who asked me to call you to ask about her safety."

After a moment's pause, Mrs. Carla voice came from the other end of the phone, "Dylan, is everything okay with Cassie? Mrs. Pearl and I are so worried about her after hearing the news. "

Hearing Mrs. Carla's voice, Dylan's tone returned to normal. He said indifferently, "Cassie is fine. She will wake up after the anesthetic is gone."

Then he hung up the phone.

It would be best if Ryan didn't have improper feelings for her. If he did, then don't blame Dylan for disregarding their friendship for so many years!


The curtains were not drawn. The summer sunlight shone into the ward through the glass window. It made Cassie squint.

She groaned and moved her fingers, "HMM..."

Hearing her noise, Dylan turned around and looked at Cassie. His knitted brows finally loosened.

"Simon, ask Leon to come in."

Outside the door, Simon heard his voice and nodded, "Yes."

Cassie saw the tiredness in Dylan's eyes. 'Did he stay in the ward all night?'

Dylan walked to her, tucked her hair gently and asked in a hoarse voice, "Are you awake? Do you still feel uncomfortable? "

Cassie looked at Dylan quietly. It was rare to see him like this.

It was rare to see such tenderness. She was stunned, and it was also this tenderness that intoxicated her.

When their four eyes met, the atmosphere around them suddenly became ambiguous.

Dylan narrowed his eyes and looked at her suspiciously. Cassie finally came to her senses. She frowned and said, "It hurts..."

"Your lower leg and right hand are in plaster. You will be fine."

With a click, the door of the ward was pushed open. A group of white-coat doctors followed Leon in.

The doctors who came in with Leon were

his eyes. Although they had slept in the same bed countless times, she really felt nervous in the hospital. She said, "I... I didn't take a shower... Don't you mind it? "

It was summer now. She fell off the horse yesterday and hadn't taken a shower since the operation.

Without opening his eyes, Dylan answered, "No, I don't mind. I'll bathe you after two days. "

Her face suddenly turned red again. "You... You! "

Did he make fun of her on purpose?!

As soon as Dylan turned around, he held her face in his hands and kissed her gently on the lips. She didn't dare to move. Dylan let go of her lips, touched her nose and said softly, "I've been with you all night. If you really care about me, then shut up."

He was really tired.

Hearing his words, Cassie slowly closed her eyes. She heard the heavy breath of Dylan, his breath made her feel incomparably relieved.

Cassie moved aside again. Holding her waist, Dylan asked, "If you keep doing this, I really can't fall asleep."

Cassie pursed her lips, curled her lips and stammered, "I want to make room for you..."

Although the bed was big enough, Cassie was very close to the bedside and there was no much room for Dylan.

The corners of Dylan's mouth lifted. "Okay."

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