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   Chapter 147 Warning From Dylan

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The doctor said, "Mrs. Cassie fell down from the back of the horse. Her arm was broken and her bone was dislocated. We just finished the operation on her. Her leg was broken and her bone was not dislocated. Nothing else serious. "

Heaving a sigh of relief, Dylan said, "I know."

The doctor heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Dylan's frown smoothed.

Everyone knew that Cassie was the apple of Dylan's eye. Fortunately, she was sent to the hospital in time. There was not a big problem with her. If something bad really happened to her and they could do nothing about it. Not to mention herself, the whole hospital's doctors would suffer.

The nurse pushed the ward bed out of the operating room. Cassie's face was pale and her eyes were closed and she was in a coma. Even her eyebrows were tightly knitted.

Looking at the lifeless Cassie on the bed, Dylan felt a sharp pain in his heart.

Who did this?! How dare anyone hurt his people! He didn't ever let her get hurt. If he found out, he would definitely cut that person into pieces!

Feeling a headache, Dylan rubbed his temples and asked, "When will she wake up?"

The doctor answered, "Maybe she will wake up after the anesthetic is gone."

"Got it," Dylan nodded.

The nurses pushed the ward bed and sent Cassie into the president's ward of the hospital.

Leon was almost dragged by the bodyguards of Dylan from the hospital of Zhaocheng to Looping Harbor.

It was already two o'clock in the morning when they arrived at the hospital of Looping Harbor. It was enough for a private plane to come and go from Zhaocheng to Looping Harbor with in nine hours.

In the ward

He cursed, "Dylan, you're really torturing me. I'm on duty today! Why did you just... "

Before Leon could finish his words, he had already received a sharp glance from Dylan. The coldness in his eyes made Leon shiver. He lifted his lips and immediately shut up. "Okay, okay I won't say it anymore. "

Looking at the medical record on the tea table, Leon picked it up and read it carefully. Then he said, "She should be all right after the operatio

e sighed, "You have made so many girlfriends for so many years, but you always broke up with them soon. Is it because of him? Even so, please tell me in advance. This... What about Johnson? "

Mrs. Tang was not that stereotyped. As long as he did not killed people or set on fire, or do something bad to the society, she wouldn't oppose him. Whatever he liked, as long as he lived a happy life, that would be the greatest comfort for her.


Jasper was speechless. He was convinced by his grandmother's thinking. He said helplessly, "Grandma, I don't care how others spread the rumor. Why are you making a fuss?"

Hearing this, Mrs. Tang was relieved. She said, "You..."

On the other side, the sun had risen in the president's ward of the hospital in Looping Harbor

Cassie had not awaken. Dylan had stayed up all night. Simon dare not to persuade him, so she had to stay outside the ward with him.

All of a sudden, Dylan's phone rang. It was from Ryan. He answered the phone and asked, "What's up?"

Ryan's gentle voice came from the receiver, "How is Cassie?"

Dylan's face darkened at once. The coldness and warning in his tone were clearly conveyed to Ryan's ear through the telephone receiver. "Ryan, I have to remind you that Cassie is my wife! So, don't have any inappropriate feelings for her. "

Ryan's eyes darkened for a moment, and soon he relied with hollow laugh.

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