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   Chapter 145 You Are My Best Cure

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Frowning, Dylan narrowed his eyes and smiled with relief. "You are my best cure," he said in a soft voice.

In the dim candle light, Cassie's face was as beautiful as a picture. Her smile was on the corner of her mouth, but it flowed into the bottom of Dylan's heart.

The corners of Cassie's mouth lifted into a smirk. She lowered her head and took a bite of the food. She looked at Dylan and asked, "Since when?

Since when you are not afraid of darkness anymore?

Dylan said cunningly, "You want to know?"

Cassie nodded her head quickly. Dylan laughed, "I'll tell you when we get back to the hotel."

"…… Forget it. I don't want to know it. "

Humph! She knew what was on Dylan's mind. She couldn't allow her make endless demands anymore. If it went on like this, she would probably be tortured!

In such a quiet environment, Cassie lowered her head and ate the food on the plate. From time to time, she looked at Dylan from the corner of her eyes. When their eyes met, Cassie smiled softly.

They enjoyed the dinner happily. After Cassie finished, she leaned against Dylan and looked at the stars. "Do you know why I like stars?"

"Why?" Dylan asked, confused.

Cassie smiled, "Because stars represent wishes, and I have a lot of wishes."


Frowning, Dylan asked, "For example?"

Cassie turned to look at him, and the corners of her mouth slowly rose. "I won't tell you. If I tell you now, it will be useless to wish on the meteor shower. "

Dylan said is disgust, "... Only a fool like you will believe that your wish will come true by wishing on the meteor. "

Cassie said indifferently, "I don't know who is so stupid to be willing to accompany me!"

Shock flashed through Dylan's eyes. "You... Aren't you afraid of me? How dare you mock me? !"

Although it was a question, there was no anger in his tone, and there was also a hint of pampering in it.

Cassie looked at him, raised her chin and smiled confidently. "I have never been afraid of you!"

With an evil smile, Dylan raised Cas

was held in Dylan's arms, and his steady breath fell on her ears, like the best sleeping pill.

She asked, "Now, can you tell me why you are not afraid of darkness anymore?"

"I have to learn to get used to it," Dylan added.

She was a little fool. She had nightmares these two days and couldn't sleep well. If he still insisted on some of his habits, it would probably aggravate her lack of sleep.

And Thomas was right. There were some things that he should learn to adapt to.

From the moment the electricity was cut off in the West Mountain Linyu and he held Cassie's hand, he felt as if he could feel at ease as long as she was by his side, even in the dark.

With a giggle, Cassie asked shamelessly, "So you have overcome the psychological barrier because of me?"

Dylan tapped her forehead and said, "You've been thinking too much."

Cassie rolled over her eyes at him. "Humph! I'm just telling the truth. "

Dylan pitched her face dotingly, "I think you don't want to sleep anymore..."

When his cold hand touched Cassie's soft face, she stood up in an instant and wanted to pinch him back. "Hmm... You bastard! "

Dylan smiled cunningly, "Bastard? Then I don't mind showing you what a bastard I am! "

Then he dragged Cassie's hand and rolled into the quilt.

In the quiet room, she attractively gasped from time to time.

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